Warzone players come up with perfect Field Upgrade idea to counter campers


Warzone players are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to pushing campers, or just outright ignoring them. The community may have found the best possible solution for this by adding deployable ladders as a Field Upgrade.

Players are often annoyed by people who are camping on roofs, or sitting on the upper floors of buildings. It is often hard to attack these teams without running into their prefire.

Before taking these fights, players can loot up and find Field Upgrades such as Dead Silence, Trophy Systems, and others.

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However, users find these might not be useful when trying to reach people posted up on a roof or holding down a window. The community thinks that, if deployable ladders are added, campers can be conquered.

Warzone players suggest adding deployable ladders as Field Upgrades.

Could ladders make for the perfect Field Upgrade in Warzone?

Warzone players are constantly coming up with new ideas to attack campers or better known as “roof rats.”

This Reddit post delivers the most genius idea Warzone has seen in a long time. ‘Eleemax’ suggests adding ladders as a Field Upgrade so players can use them to start countering campers.

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This would allow players to use these ladders to get into buildings’ windows. It can also set up some different tactics to take over a building. Squads can climb up to windows while their teammates run up the stairs, creating the perfect storm.

The community is in love with this idea, and some players seem really passionate about this proposal.

While this seems like a great strategy, some are still worried about the glitch preventing them from climbing ladders. This annoying bug is ruining games and preventing people from taking the high ground.

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Players said that, if that gets fixed, then this could be perfect to take fights with campers. For now, it’s just an idea from Reddit but some people think it would be cool to see Activision implement this into Warzone.