Warzone players baffled as Roze skin nerf apparently undone by Season 6 update

Roze Skin in Warzone with logoActivision

Warzone players have been left baffled after visibility issues surrounding the infamous Roze skin have resurfaced in Season 6 – despite Raven previously making major changes to make her more conspicuous. 

Few cosmetics in CoD history have generated anything like the controversy that Warzone’s Roze skin has. The skin was originally the Tier 100 reward in Modern Warfare’s Season 5 Battle Pass but has garnered an unprecedented level of infamy in CoD’s battle royale thanks to its all-black aesthetic.

While not an issue in bright and sunny areas of the map, it renders players using it all but invisible when they are in shadowy areas. Calls for visibility changes were widespread and, across the Season 3 update back in April and the Season 4 update in June, the character was made far more conspicuous.

However, Warzone players have been left baffled, with the improvements to her visibility seemingly undone in Warzone’s Season 6 update.

Roze Skin on a black backgroundActivision
In darker areas, the Roze skin can be very difficult to see.

Redditor ‘RoyalMannequin‘ pointed out the apparent reversion in an October 31 post, saying: “Since the season update the Roze “fix” is no longer in place. Roze does not get brighter as she did previously and is still very dark and unable to see. This problem is evident not only in Verdansk but even more so in the current gulag. Raven, please fix this.”

Others chimed in to agree, with one commenting: “Alright so I wasn’t the only going crazy crying, “I CAN’T SEE SH*T” while shooting at a Roze skin? I can confirm that it’s become extremely painful and hard to see again, especially in darker places and corners.”

It’s not clear what has caused the problems, but many users report Roze being back to her invisible worst.

There was nothing in the Season 6 patch notes about adjustments to the skin, but the notoriously tricky art of game design means changes elsewhere can occasionally have unexpected consequences.

We can expect to see Raven make the necessary changes to the Roze skin; preventing it from becoming another saga in Warzone.