Warzone players slam cheaters making final weeks of Verdansk “unplayable”

Ahead of Call of Duty Vanguard’s launch, Warzone players believe that more cheaters are descending on Verdansk to make the final few weeks “unplayable” before the RICOCHET anti-cheat is around.

With the release of 2021’s CoD title Vanguard on the horizon, there is a slew of changes coming to Warzone, with the most notable being the release of Activision’s anti-cheat: RICOCHET.

While many players are thrilled at the chance of making a fresh start and getting away from cheaters, that isn’t going to happen for a few weeks yet.

In the meantime, as players wait for the anti-cheat to arrive, some believe that there is an influx of cheaters in Warzone that are making the game simply “unplayable” for the time being.

ricochet anti-cheat call of dutyActivision
RICOCHET is the name of CoD’s new anti-cheat system.

The release of RICOCHET is close, but it looks as if cheaters are getting the most out of the time they have left. Complaints about lobbies being ridden of cheaters have become even more prominent from Warzone fans following the reveal of the Caldera map.

One Reddit post titled “anti-cheat can’t come soon enough,” explained that players encountered a cheater in both games they played and that their lobby even had two hackers fighting for the win at the end. “Just played two games on Verdansk – and we had cheaters in both games. The first, we got killed by two different hackers, who ended up fighting for the dub,” they lamented.

The feeling that the anti-cheat needs to arrive already was mutual, as commenters shared their recent experiences. “I played for 3 hours tonight and we found cheaters in literally every single game. Quads, trios, rebirth…they were everywhere,” said another Redditor.

Another post asked if it was just them experiencing an increase in cheaters. “Is it just me or were there a lot of hackers tonight? 5 back-to-back games of blatant hackers. Two of those games had multiple hackers,” they said. “Game is completely unplayable,” replied one user.

Some players believe that cheaters are looking to make the most of the time they have before RICOCHET is live, but who knows if that will truly clean the lobbies up.