Warzone map change promised two seasons ago still hasn’t happened

David Purcell

Call of Duty map changes in Warzone are few and far between, though there is one feature that was promised three seasons ago that still hasn’t materialized — and players are confused. 

Raven Software have made some regular updates to their battle royale game since Black Ops Cold War came out, with everything from new points of interest to tweaks to the weapon meta.

While the community does debate a load of new topics, whether it be hacker problems or content rollouts, refreshing the map is always something people are talking about.

With Call of Duty’s 2021 title, Vanguard, now on the horizon (and bringing a completely new map), it appears that the dev team might have turned their attention away from previous features they had committed to – Mine Tunnels.

Now, players are waiting for an update to finally see them.

Warzone Mine Tunnels have been forgotten

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Verdansk is an ever-changing map, though some changes promised in Season 3 have not come to fruition.

On August 20, a post surged up the game’s subreddit, asking: “Whatever happened with the mine tunnels?”

As seen in the screenshot attached to the post, Raven claimed these tunnels would appear along the Northwestern edge of Verdansk, in a “state of severe dilapidation.” It also states that it would offer “close-quarters combat and ambushes with Operators coming from the Gore Summit.”

It goes on to say that these are in Warzone, but are blocked off for now. Well, for now has certainly been stretched a long way.

Over a thousand upvotes later, many players came together to express their confusion about the whole thing. One posted: “Amazing they are not open yet, because that one was nearly fully completed in S1,” while another added: “Too late to open them now lol.”

While some players replied in jest, there’s no doubt that it’s a strange situation.

To go two seasons (as it’s Season 5 at the time of writing) without a feature promised, and just three months until Vanguard releases in November, it appears this would be the perfect map change for some sections of the community.

Whether or not there will be an update that adds these Mine Tunnels before Warzone’s integration of Vanguard remains to be seen. What we do know, however, is that players have certainly not forgotten about them.