New Warzone feature tells you when hackers are in your game

warzone hackerActivision

Raven Software have doubled down on recent anti-cheat efforts in Warzone by adding a new feature that shows you if a hacker was in your game. 

The hacking problem in Call of Duty’s battle royale title has been among one of the most divisive talking points of recent times, once leading to a streamer walkout – which included NICKMERCS, CouRage, TimTheTatman and more, calling for change.

Those calls were given a large boost on August 11, when the developers announced a ban wave targetting 50,000 cheaters. After the fact, many hackers took to social media to announce they could no longer create a new account, which was the previous workaround for being banned. That was the first victory for players sick and tired of being killed by hackers.

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On August 16, the developers took things a step further.

Warzone Plunder Season Five RavenActivision
Warzone hackers have been let off for far too long.

Warzone feature shows hackers disconnecting

Raven added a small, yet important, feature to Warzone which allows players to see when hackers have left (due to being banned) in real-time. This will show you when a hacker has been in your game, and potentially wreaking havoc.

This addition was spotted by the fine folk at CharlieIntel, who tweeted about the discovery.

They said: “Raven has updated the kill feed in Warzone to now show when they ban a player during a game. The kill feed now says “Username has been banned” instead of “disconnected.” (name blurred in this image).”

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Many Warzone players will see this as a huge step in the right direction, and a solid response from Raven following a period of uncertainty for the game amid its Season 5 content refresh.

Let’s run through a few reactions to the news, as it happened. Some would still prefer firmer anti-cheat action.


Whether or not this is the solution many of the big streamers, hardcore, and casual players need to return to the action remains to be seen.