Warzone lead dev lists all fixes in Pacific update but players aren’t impressed

Warzone lead dev lists all fixes in Pacific update but players aren't impressedActivision

The Warzone Pacific update fixed so many lingering issues that have been in the game for months and when the lead dev listed everything the team worked on, players were not impressed. 

Caldera and the new update came out on December 8 changing many features that have been in Warzone.

This included loadout drops, Dead Silence, Gas Masks, melee and Heartbeat Sensor nerfs, and many more.

However, when lead dev, Ted Timmins, boasted about everything Raven Software fixed, the community didn’t seem to care.

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Warzone players unsatisfied as dev lists all fixes 

The Warzone Pacific update is marking a new era for the game as what people have come to know on Verdansk have been changed, removed, or nerfed.

This Reddit post by ‘TheHappyItalianMan’ highlighted Timmins’ tweet bragging about all the things Raven Software fixed for Warzone Pacific. But players aren’t excited at all.

The most upvoted comment and one that players are rallying behind is, “Only took them literally two years to implement these basic features.” Meaning that the community has been asking the devs forever to fix these common issues.

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aerial view of warzone pacific caldera mapActivision
Warzone players are roasting the devs for making simple changes.

Another Redditor added, “small balance changes, which should have been in a weekly patch years ago, presented as a gift to the community and huge improvement worthy a new game release.”

Even with some of the changes, the player base wants it reverted. For example, people are not happy with the new loadout drop system and are begging it to go back to how it was.

Most of the community sees this as a slap in the face as Raven Software are bragging about fixing problems that they feel should have been resolved months ago.

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