Dr Disrespect, JGOD and more demand revert to Warzone Pacific loadout drop changes

Jaret Kappelman
Dr Disrespect, JGOD and more demand revert to Warzone Pacific loadout drop changes

Warzone Pacific’s new map is here but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Dr Disrespect, JGOD, and others are calling for the devs to revert the loadout drop change. 

The Warzone Pacific update dropped on December 8 which integrated Vanguard, brought a brand-new map and changed up the way the game will play.

One of the biggest changes came with the loadout drop system since they’re now only available after the first circle.

This is delaying the player’s power spike and ability to get fully kitted which is why they are demanding that this gets reverted.

Warzone loadout drop
Warzone players want the old system to come back for Loadout drops.

Warzone streamers call for loadout drop change

Loadout drops are a key aspect of Warzone as it lets people equip the meta weapons and gun people down. But that is being slowed down quite a bit now.

While Caldera is still very new to the community but that hasn’t stopped some big names from voicing their opinions on the loadout drop changes.

Dr Disrespect gave his first-day feedback which was highlighted by the loadout drop change.

He feels that the game slows down as players are all patiently waiting for the end of the first circle to get their guns.

Warzone guru JGOD, along with other streamers, also chimed in and pleaded that the devs need to revert this change as soon as possible.

Pros ZLaner and Repullze put their two cents in which both of them are super confused about the loadout change and want it swapped back to how it was on Verdansk.

The community thinks that this current system is going to slow down the game drastically as everyone will camp until the first circle closes since they are stuck using ground loot.

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