Warzone hack accusers now bribing ZLaner’s mom to scan his PC

Theo Salaun
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Call of Duty: Warzone streamer ZLaner’s hack accusers have taken things to a new level. Now, ascending the family tree, people are offering his mom thousands of dollars to scan the pro’s PC for cheating programs.

The history of ZLaner and hacking accusations would sound absurd if you tried to describe it to your parents over Christmas dinner. 

A guy is so good at video games that he’s suspected of hacking. To end these concerns, he’s played with cameras watching his face, his screen, and tracking his eye movement. He’s even offered accusers flights to watch him play in person.

Dissatisfied with all of those efforts, people even began questioning him about moving homes. And now, with a rigorous anti-cheat instituted, they’re still not convinced – going as far as bribing his own parent with $5,000 to scan his PC and USB drives.

Warzone star ZLaner’s mother offered $5k to scan PC for hacks

As shown in a couple screenshots, Z’s mom posted a nice message to her son on his birthday. She mentioned missing and loving him on his first birthday they won’t be able to celebrate together.

But someone, by the name of ‘miizchif,’ was inspired by this tender relationship. Replying to Z’s mother, miizchif gave an offer: “Please scan sweet Zack’s computer for any interesting files. I’ll pay $5k.”

warzone streamer zlaner
ZLaner battles hacking accusations just as often as he battles enemies in Caldera.

In the giving spirit of birthday wishes and the holidays, Miizchif explained that they don’t want to “expose” ZLaner. They simply “want to use it too,” with “it” referring to whatever interesting software might be on the streamer’s computer or USB drive.

Despite RICOCHET Anti-Cheat shutting down most hackers, some cheaters still bypass it. Additionally, accusers are convinced that the hacking streamers are whitelisted anyway.

Whatever the case may be, this could be an easy way to make some quick money if Z and his mom are interested. We’ll be sure to update if she takes the curious fan up on their offer.

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