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Warzone fans furious as XP tokens unusable following Season 1 update

Published: 16/Dec/2020 17:20 Updated: 16/Dec/2020 17:21

by Daniel Megarry


Call of Duty fans have been left frustrated after finding out that Modern Warfare Double XP and Double Weapon XP tokens aren’t available to use in Warzone anymore.

Following the huge Season One update, Treyarch’s battle royale now falls under Black Ops Cold War, and is no longer only linked with Modern Warfare. While the update has mostly pleased fans, there is one side-effect that’s not gone down too well.

Any XP tokens saved up prior to the Season One update are now locked to Modern Warfare, meaning they can’t be spent in Warzone.

For players who don’t own Modern Warfare and use Warzone as a standalone title, these tokens have essentially been rendered useless.


Call of Duty Warzone
Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have both received a major Season 1 update

The frustrating news was pointed out on the Warzone subreddit in a thread titled, “They have stripped us of XP tokens. I’ve purchased every Battle Pass on this game and now they’ve taken the privilege to remove content I’ve paid for.”

The thread has hundreds of comments from disgruntled fans, with many pointing out that the Double XP tokens were earned after purchasing the Battle Pass, meaning they aren’t just losing out on something they got given for free.

“If I had known I would’ve used them all before the update,” wrote one player. Another added, “This is absolute robbery. We need to up the stink on Twitter and elsewhere. I worked my a*s off to get those tokens and now they simply steal them.”


Is this ok? They have stripped us for XP tokens.. I’ve purchased ever battle pass on this game and now they taken the privilege to remove content I’ve paid for.. from CODWarzone


Even players who weren’t that bothered about losing their tokens have recognized that it’s a disappointing decision.

“I had 70-80 tokens. I never use them, but sucks to lose them,” said one Warzone fan. “I started collecting them since season 2; didn’t buy the battle pass till 5 and I got others from the CoD app. All gone now.”

It’s likely that Treyarch and Activision locked these previously-earned tokens to Modern Warfare to encourage players to earn Black Ops Cold War tokens instead, and to avoid them levelling up new weapons faster than intended. That won’t make it any less frustrating for fans, though.


Another change in the Season One update that’s had a poor reaction is the Warzone weapon camo designs, with players calling the new Diamond camo design “terrible” in comparison to the Black Ops Cold War design.

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