How to level up Black Ops Cold War weapons fast for Warzone


With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone now being fully integrated, players will need to know the best way to level up their new weapons for the battle royale title. Here are our top tips.

There are several weapons which look like they could take over Verdansk and Rebirth Island in Warzone Season 1. The M16 looks incredible right now, while SMGs such as the Mac-10 might even be able to knock the R9-0 shotgun off its perch.

That said, if you haven’t been grinding public matches in Black Ops Cold War since it was released, you’ll find that most of these weapons have little to no attachments unlocked — but we can help you with that.

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Here are the quickest ways for you to level up your favorite BOCW weapons to make them battle royale-ready.

Quickest way to level up in Warzone

Warzone Season 1 has brought in a number of changes, but the weapons are perhaps the biggest of all.

Of course, many Warzone players might not have purchased Black Ops Cold War, and have to unlock the weapons from scratch and upgrade them in the battle royale itself, rather than in Cold War.

For this, Plunder remains the best game mode to play. Simply load up, drive around, complete contracts, and get kills. If you do this, you should see your weapon leveling up much faster than in the standard BR mode.

Try Fireteam Dirty Bomb

One of the best game modes in Black Ops Cold War from a pure XP perspective is Fireteam Dirty Bomb. You might not have played it already, but by getting kills and completing the objective, your weapon XP will rise much quicker than in standard modes such as Team Deathmatch or Domination.

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Fireteam Dirty Bomb black ops cold warActivision
Fireteam Dirty Bomb is a new game mode for BOCW, and it’s well worth checking out.

This seems to be the optimal way to unlock weapon attachments in Black Ops Cold War, letting players level up significantly quicker than elsewhere in the game, and would be our key recommendation.

Level up in Nuketown

There’s a reason Nuketown is so popular: it’s constant action, all of the time. As such, you’re likely to get far more kills and complete more objectives than on any other map, which means utilizing playlists such as Nuketown 24/7 is absolutely crucial when leveling up your weapons.

Depending on the game mode, you can easily achieve 50+ gun kills on Nuketown, much more than you typically would on other maps, which is why playing Nuketown could be very helpful here.

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Unlock attachments in Combined Arms Moshpit

bocw combined arms moshpit armadaActivision
The Combined Arms Moshpit pits you against 12 enemies instead of the standard 6 — meaning double the action.

Similar to Nuketown, if you want to play regular public matches and not Fireteam Dirty Bomb, we would suggest trying the Combined Arms Moshpit, which pits players in 12v12 matches instead of 6v6.

The sentiment is much the same as that of Nuketown above: more players means more kills, which is exactly what you need.

Level up in Zombies

Many players also attest that Zombies is the best way to level up weapons in Black Ops Cold War.

black ops cold war zombiesActivision
Zombies remains a super popular game mode and might help you level your weapons quicker too.

By jumping in with a group of friends and all dealing mass damage to the undead, you’ll likely find that you can all steadily level up your weapons at a decent rate, though there has been some debate over how much zombies can actually help, especially as you move past the first few rounds and the weapon XP earned starts dwindling.

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So, there’s a few solid ways for you to level up your Black Ops Cold War weapons faster in Warzone — now it’s up to you to find your favorite and get the kills you need to reach max levels.