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New Black Ops Cold War patch has broken Pack-A-Punch in Zombies

Published: 16/Dec/2020 12:31

by Lauren Bergin


The Pack-A-Punch is an essential tool to defeat the hordes of zombies that have become an essential part of every Black Ops game. However, the new patch in Cold War has broken the iconic weapon enhancer. 

Everyone knows that in order to get the real zombies experience, you need the famous Pack-A-Punch. The Element 115-infused machine offers players the chance to upgrade their weapons into perfect zombie slayers.

It’ll be essential that you know how to use the Pack-A-Punch to it’s maximum potential this Christmas season, as the new Jingle Hells mode will have players battling the undead on a snowy Die Maschine map. If you want to make it to Christmas, you’ll need the Pack-A-Punch.


However, with the most recent patch to the game there have been some serious issues regarding the weapon enhancer.

BOCW Pack-A-Punch
Treyarch Studios
Nestled deep underground, the Pack-A-Punch is key to any Zombies run.

New Cold War update breaks Pack-A-Punch

According to reddit user Filtiarne, the newest Cold War update is rendering the Pack-A-Punch completely useless in Zombies matches.

In Filtiarne’s post, they describe the machine as making “all the attachments drop onto the floor” when attempting to upgrade your weapon. They continue, stating that ‘all you can do is stand there and look at your attachments until they de-spawn and then crash out of the game once dogs spawn.’

The post has received hundreds of upvotes, with multiple responders complaining about the same weapons bug.


Latest patch has broken Zombies. from r/blackopscoldwar

Treyarch respond

Black Ops Cold War Jingle Hells Zombies
The Jingle Hells update has made Treyarch’s lives pretty hellish too.

A quick response from Treyarch Studios, the masterminds behind the Zombies experience, informed the playerbase that they are aware of the issues mentioned in the post.

Treyarch Community Manager Josh Torres, aka FoxhoundFPS, explained in the comments that “we’re aware of both of these issues and have released a fix for the plaguehound related crashing issues.”

Hopefully a fix will be found for this soon, as what’s the point in a Zombies run with no upgrades? All CoD fans want for Christmas is to pop heads and obliterate the undead; will they be able to?