Warzone & Vanguard players furious as Krampus monster ruins matches

Krampus in Warzone / VanguardActivision

Krampus is part of CoD Warzone and Vanguard’s Festive Fervor event, a terrifying monster who hunts down anyone on the “naughty” list. But just hours after his introduction, players are already reporting that Krampus is costing them the game.

The Warzone and Vanguard Festive Fervor event is underway, bringing some holiday spirit to Call of Duty. The festive theme has spread across both sides of the CoD titles, from elves roaming Caldera to Vanguard’s Shipment map being covered in wrapping paper.

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One of the more controversial additions has been Krampus, the Christmas monster found in folklore tales. Ever since the December 16 update, he has been hunting players Warzone and Vanguard alike.

But just a few short hours after Krampus made his CoD debut, players are already calling for changes. They claim that the monster is disrupting matches and costing them wins.

Krampus in WarzoneActivision
Krampus is part of the Warzone and Vanguard Festive Fervor event.

Krampus tracks down and tries to kill players fairly randomly, but favors those deemed to be the most deserving This could be because you collected coal from a Holiday Crate in Warzone, or you’re not playing the objective in Vanguard.

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While there’s no doubt that Krampus was intended to be a bit of holiday fun, CoD players feel he is causing chaos – particularly in Warzone.

Reddit user Dyynomight started a thread calling for Krampus’ removal, saying he has “got to go.” The player claimed that he was in a “top five situation” before he had to waste precious ammo fending off the monster, while also dealing with other enemies.

Other Warzone players have shared reports of the bullet sponge disrupting their match. “I was top 5, and there was a time limit of 3 minutes. Like, just handicap me for the rest of the game why don’t you?” said one user. “I’m sprinting around the final circle, shooting this thing and of course immediately get murdered by someone else,” reported another.

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One Redditor even revealed they had to deal with Krampus in the final three, after already killing him earlier in the match.

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This has caused many CoD fans to ask for changes to the way Krampus works. They feel that the beats should no longer hunt players in the latter stages of a match, such as after the Gulag has closed.

Others believed that Krampus should work the same as similar NPCs in Fortnite, who are permanently out of the match after they are defeated once.

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It isn’t just casual Warzone that have to deal with the Krampus problem. The Festive Fervor event has also applied to Vanguard’s private matches, meaning that professional esports players have to put up with it as well.

When you consider that the CDL Challengers Cup is taking place from December 18, incidents like the below clip from vltSins cause chaos in competitive matches.

Krampus hasn’t been in Warzone and Vanguard long, but he already appears to be causing plenty of frustrations. And with Esports players also being terrorized by this mythical monster, the community will be hoping for a change to how he is implemented very soon.

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