Simple Warzone trick lets players level up guns fast with quad weapon XP


Warzone players are constantly grinding out the game trying to figure out the most efficient way to level up weapons. Thanks to a newly discovered trick, players are have found a way to get quad weapon XP and fly through gun levels. 

When it comes to creating the perfect loadout in Warzone you need to have the right attachments for the gun.

Some of the weapon’s best attachments come in the later levels, meaning you have to grind out for a little while to unlock some of the better features.

Although it can be tedious to farm kills for weapon XP, players have discovered a new way that will let you earn quadruple the amount and makes things so much faster.

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Warzone players dsicover way to level up guns with quad weapon XPActivision
Warzone players have found a way to level up weapons even faster.

Warzone players discover trick to get quad weapon XP

Most weapons in Warzone have over 50 levels that you need to earn experience for in order to unlock every attachment.

This Reddit post by ‘HEL-Alfa’ informs players that there is an easier way to earn weapon XP while grinding out levels. All you need is a double weapon XP token and you are set to go.

Here are the steps in order to receive quad weapon XP:

  1. Wait for Warzone Double Weapon XP to be active.
  2. Activate a Double Weapon XP token.
  3. Play any Warzone game mode and earn four times the weapon XP.

In case you’re wondering how it’s quad XP, this is how it works. If you complete a contract during double weapon XP you’ll get 1,000 experience, double that again and you get 2,000 which is four times the base of 500 XP.

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The downside is waiting for a double weapon XP weekend for Warzone specifically as this will not work in Black Ops Cold War. However, this can be extremely useful in Plunder and other respawn game modes in Warzone.

If players are looking for double weapon XP tokens then they can head over to Prime Gaming to claim free rewards or level up their battle pass.