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Call of Duty Vanguard players frustrated at “ridiculous” slow weapon XP leveling

Published: 11/Nov/2021 10:57

by Jacob Hale


Call of Duty: Vanguard players have blasted the “ridiculous” weapon XP rate in the game, complaining about how slow it is to level up guns.

In the opening weeks of each new Call of Duty game, most players are committed to leveling up as quickly as possible, unlocking the best new camos and getting their guns leveled up to the max.

This rings especially true now players want to level up Vanguard weapons for Warzone — but it’s proving to be a more difficult task than some imagined.

Most guns in the game go up to level 70, so it can feel like a grind, but players want developers Sledgehammer Games to make changes so it’s not quite as difficult.


call of duty vanguard atomic camo challenge
Like other CoD titles, Vanguard has a few mastery camos — but they’re a grind.

Black Ops Cold War launched with a similar issue, and Treyarch eventually said that the weapon XP had launched slower than intended, and some Vanguard players are hoping for the same again.

“Vanguard’s weapon grind is the absolute worst I’ve ever seen,” DocDeezy said. “It’s actually ridiculous… It’s to the point where I’m just playing Valorant until COD fixes their broken weapon XP, again for the second year in a row.”

DocDeezy also said that we have to put in “a full 8-hour shift to level up one single gun,” which could obviously be a struggle for anyone not able to commit that much time to the game.


It’s not only DocDeezy who felt this way, though, with many comments fully in support of the sentiment. Some said that the “MP and Zombies grind is absolutely horrible right now,” with other players arguing that it’s “not worth the time.”

Whether Sledgehammer does make any changes to weapon level XP remains to be seen, but until then, it’s time to clock in and get grinding.