Warzone pro Almond’s absurd killing spree proves Stims are the best Tactical

call of duty warzone pacific almond stim shot tactical equipmentMinnesota ROKKR / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Stim Shots got buffed in Pacific and, during a relentless killing spree, Almond demonstrated precisely why they’re the best Tactical Equipment on Caldera.

You don’t become one of Warzone’s highest earners and top-ranked players without having some tricks up your sleeve. The mechanics and game sense help, but taking advantage of meta loadouts and equipment can set you apart.

That was made evident by Almond, who pulled off an obnoxious six-man killing spree as the last man alive in a game of Quads. The streamer, fresh off a tournament win at the Baka WonderLAN, decimated a lobby by making full use of Stims.

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Stims got buffed for Season 1 of Pacific and now provide a speed boost on top of their health regeneration. As Almond showed during his 40-kill game, that buff can offer incredible potential for high-IQ plays.

Warzone pro Almond uses Stims for nasty kill spree

As you can see in the clip, Almond starts off with his back against the ropes. He’s the lone man alive from his Quad, down on the low ground near the gas with 12 enemy players still up.

His first kill was simple enough, but then he hits a quick Munitions Box to recoup some equipment and proceeds to go on a rampage. Using a gas mask, Almond was able to push the roof through the gas, down two enemies in perfect position, and finish them off with a Precision Airstrike.

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With the gas mask depleted, he then popped two Stims to relocate and secure another kill.

Warzone stim shotActivision
Stims were popular in multiplayer and Iron Trials, but this might be their time to shine in Warzone.

Then, Almond used yet another Stim to push through the gas and get in position for another down – which he finished off with a dirty Throwing Knife toss.

Another Stim later, he secured one more kill before ultimately falling to the final player.

While the pro was unable to secure the win and final two kills, the play is nonetheless intriguing.

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For players who want to take advantage of mobility for positioning and leverage during fights, it’s obvious that Stims are a big-brain loadout choice.