Warzone Caldera Clash guide: Rules, power-ups & everything we know

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Warzone has introduced a new game mode with Season 2 called Caldera Cash where players drop into a deathmatch-style LTM to rack up the most kills. Here’s everything to know from the rules to the power-ups with a Caldera Clash guide.

Season 2 of Warzone Pacific brought loads of new content, including a brand-new game mode. For players looking for an alternative to Plunder, this could be their saving grace.

This mode has taken elements from the classic battle royale, Plunder, and 50v50, to create the ultimate experience.

If you’re new to Caldera Clash and aren’t sure how the mode works, then don’t worry as we have a full guide on everything to know about this LTM.

Warzone Caldera Clash rules 

When you load into Caldera Clash you will be split into two teams of 48 players apiece. You can any loadout that you wish, even with guns from Modern Warfare and Cold War. The main objective is to reach the point limit of 450 or have the most points when the clock runs out.

There are multiple ways to earn a point in the mode. The simplest method is just getting a kill as each will count as one. But you can also play the objective and capture flags as well as find power zones to earn even more points.

Warzone Caldera Clash Power Zones & events

Warzone Operator using KG M40
Warzone players can take advantage of Power Zones to earn more points.

Power Zones put the ultimate twist on this mode as points come in heavy proportions here. While in this area all kills are worth two points. There is also an influx of cash and weapons that are spawned into this part of the map.

On top of that there are two events that can change the game. Double Point zones, which are self-explanatory and Bonus Point crates. These boxes can be found anywhere on the map and, when opened, will usually grant your team an additional 15 points.

Take advantage of these zones and events to make sure you are maximizing your points on the map.

Warzone Caldera Clash power-ups

Caldera Clash power up
You can earn power-ups like Speed Boost in Caldera Clash.

The final spin on Caldera Clash is the power-ups. There are different ones that can drop, which include: Hunter and speed boost.

First, the Hunter ability pings enemies that are nearby, the same way a UAV works in the normal BR. The Speed boost ability makes you extremely fast on your feet.

So, there you have it,the full guide to the newest game mode, Caldera Clash. If you want to keep updated with all the latest Call of Duty news and updates, then make sure to check out our other Warzone guides and lists such as:

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