Warzone players loving Season 2’s new Apex Legends-esque Redeploy Balloons

call of duty warzone pacific redeploy balloons apex legends jump towerActivision / Respawn Entertainment

Call of Duty: Warzone has been taking inspiration from Apex Legends and Season 2’s new Redeploy Balloons are living proof. That’s turned out to be a good idea, as players are seriously enjoying their addition.

Apex Legends is a beloved battle royale for its MOBA-esque hero mechanics and its mobility. An obvious example of that mobility would be the game’s jump towers, which are marked by red balloons and allow players to boost into the sky for serious vertical repositioning.

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With Apex overtaking Warzone on Twitch in recent months and players complaining about traveling around Caldera’s big, often sparse map – the devs saw a two-birds-one-stone opportunity.

As part of the Pacific Season 2 update, Warzone has added its own Redeploy Balloons to Caldera. They’re basically the same as Apex’s towers, but that similarity isn’t stopping gamers from enjoying them.

Warzone players loving “insanely nice” Redeploy Balloons

Reacting to the new patch, streamer ‘bbreadman’ was very enthused. He called Season 2 “the best update this game has ever seen” and the Redeploy Balloons “insanely nice.”

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JGOD also seemed into the addition, saying it’s “good” they took the feature from Apex and that the Balloons will “definitely change things in Warzone.” Proving his point, streamers like ZLaner are already pulling off formerly impossible plays with the new jump spots.

Warzone Redeploy Balloons already used for monster plays

Using a Redeploy Balloon between Peak and Fields, ZLaner was able to defy gravity and ascend into the skies for an impromptu ambush. Even he couldn’t contain himself as he wiped a squad: “That was badass!”

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The new feature is considered one of Apex’s best-balanced mechanics since you can easily be shot down while flying, which makes repositioning with them a high-risk, high-reward enterprise.

As Z explained, though, they’re definitely worth that gamble: “These new Balloons are sick!”