Warzone 2 leaks claim popular feature from Caldera & Rebirth Island is returning

Warzone 2 logo on Caldera Redeploy Balloon image from WZ PacificActivision

Fresh Warzone 2 leaks claim that Redeploy Balloons – which debuted in Caldera and Rebirth Island during Warzone Pacific’s life cycle – will be returning in the battle royale sequel in the near future.

In any battle royale, movement and mobility are incredibly important as players look for the quickest ways to navigate the typically large environments that accompany the last-man-standing modes.

Warzone 2 is no different, with Al Mazrah offering players a host of ways to get around. From vehicles like quad bikes and motorboats to steep cliffs that allow players to pull their parachutes and glide to safety, it’s a constant focus of devs to keep movement fresh and balanced.

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With Season 2 of WZ2 now on the horizon – and promising a new Resurgence environment known as Ashika Island – leaks have promised another movement mechanic. This time, it’s one that was popular back in Warzone Pacific and featured in both Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Redeploy Drones reportedly coming to Warzone 2.0 soon

Warzone Pacific’s second season introduced Redeploy Balloons across Caldera. These allowed players to zipline up to a floating balloon and then glide from a significant height to wherever they chose.

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Portable Redeploy Balloons also featured as Field Upgrades that players earned by completing contracts.

Fresh leaks, by way of MWIIntel, claim they’ll be returning under the new name of ‘Redeploy Drones’.

The exact manner in which they’ll function hasn’t been determined yet. According to the leaks, which are corroborated by an Ashika Island map image, there is the potential for them to be ‘personal’ rather than a communal map object.

TheGhostofHope, a reputable leaker who has leaked WZ2 information correctly in the past, corroborated MWIIntel’s post, saying: “‘Redeploy Balloons’ from Warzone 1 will be returning in Warzone 2 reskinned/renamed as ‘Redeploy Drones.’ Portable and stationary versions will both exist.”

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In short, it sounds as if they’ll be available as items specific players can deploy, as well as stationed around the map for all players to utilize.

It’s also not entirely clear whether they’ll be added to both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. The latter looks guaranteed to have them given the Season 2 image depicting them, but we’ll have to wait and see for Al Mazrah.

Barring any more delays, Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 will drop on February 15.

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