Warzone 2 expert shares three tips to prove that vehicles are invaluable

Warzone 2 team rolling around Al-Mazrah in a vehicle.Activision

Warzone 2 sensei IceManIsaac has shared some vehicle-based tips that prove that they’re an essential asset on Al-Mazrah.

IceManIsaac is one of the most prolific Warzone 2 creators on the net and this time around he’s compiled a list of essential tips and tricks that everyone on Al-Mazrah should know.

While his list is quite expansive, the vehicle tips are some of the most transformative pieces of advice that a player could receive, so here’s a closer look at how priceless a car can be when trying to reach that victory screen.

Warzone 2 guru IceManIsaac’s expert vehicle tips

The first tip that players should take from Isaac’s video is to rethink how they’re taking fights while being escorted. Instead of standing out on the roof and being an easy target, the “Lean Out” function allows for a safer and faster way to dip in and out of gunfights.

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Not only is this method safer, but every teammate can also do it, creating multiple angles to engage from without any huge risks.

The next tip that we’re highlighting is one specifically meant to help you engage a player without flinging yourself into the open when dismounting the car or truck.

Instead of pulling around towards them and hopping out, the Warzone 2 guru recommends that players take advantage of that aforementioned “lean out” functioning a different way.

Instead of hanging out of the window and taking an awkward gunfight, hopping out of the vehicle from here will propel you forward, either giving you temporary cover from the vehicle or at least breaking the opposing team’s cameras as they try to track the dive.

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The last tip is for disengaging and making a getaway. Instead of waiting out the rough equivalent of an entire geological age for your operator to climb into a car, skip the animation by switching seats as soon as it starts.

This does mean you’ll have to cycle back around to the driver’s side, but there’s less chance of getting beamed while moving like a dinosaur.