Warzone 2 just disabled Dead Silence & Battle Rage field upgrades


Raven Software has announced the Dead Silence and Battle Rage field upgrades have been temporarily disabled in Warzone 2.

Bugs and server stability issues plagued Warzone 2’s opening few weeks. Activision finally addressed PC crashing issues on December 1, but several game-breaking bugs keep the battle royale from firing on all cylinders.

Players discovered an exploit, awarding unlimited UAVs, and the developers shut down most wanted contracts because of an infinite XP glitch. Community members also unearthed an unbelievable exploit, giving players max money.

New issues forced the developers to take action once again. Dead Silence and Battle Rage are popular Modern Warfare 2 field upgrades, but players will have to find alternatives while the developers investigate an issue.

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Warzone 2 bug invincibleActivison
As Warzone 2 is in its early stages, players are discovering a lot of bugs.

Dead Silence & Battle rage temporarily removed from Warzone 2

Raven Software announced on December 2, “We have temporarily disabled Battle Rage and Dead Silence in-game while we investigate an issue.”

Bomb drones and the play again button are also currently disabled as the developers resolve hiccups.

Players criticized Modern Warfare 2’s loud footstep audio, and the complaints carried over to Warzone 2. The developers released an update reverting audio back to a stable state, but temporarily losing dead silence is bound to ruffle some feathers.

What are Dead Silence and Battle Rage?

Dead Silence is a field upgrade that allows players to silence their movements and footsteps for a short period of time. The ability comes in handy when pushing an enemy or trying to sneak around a building without being noticed.

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Battle Rage is a new Modern Warfare 2 field upgrade. The ability truly shines in Warzone 2, giving players a brief adrenaline rush of HP regeneration, resistance to tactical equipment, and temporarily enabling infinite tactical sprint.

Losing both valuable field upgrades hurts, but this may provide players an opportunity to try out new abilities players may have avoided otherwise.

All live issues are posted on Raven Software’s Trello board.