Warzone 2 Gulag bug is killing players instantly

warzone 2 gulag bugActivision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players found a strange bug in the Gulag that can instantly kill whoever wins the match.

The Gulag isn’t a new feature to the battle royale experience. It appeared in the original Warzone, too, as a place where players were sent after dying in battle.

While there, users faced off against each other in one-on-one matches, a fight to see who would get to return to the battlefield.

Warzone 2 spices things up for the Gulag by trading in one-on-one duels for two-versus-two matches with randoms. It’s an interesting twist on the formula, but a bizarre glitch has already ruined the fun for some.

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Winning your Gulag in Warzone 2 may cause a bug

Popular Twitch streamer Viss has issued a PSA of sorts, letting Warzone 2 players know that they may incur deadly consequences upon winning the Gulag.

Apparently, if you come out of your Gulag victorious and return to the game, “you will then insta-die once knocked.” According to Viss, this has been confirmed as a bug.

There’s some semblance of good news to go along with the bad, though. Dying in the Gulag but returning because your teammate brings you back won’t result in instant death.

Suffice it to say, Warzone 2 has quite a few problems to work out. In addition to the Gulag bug, Warzone 2 users have also encountered insta-death glitches that occur after a player randomly falls through the map.

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The broken Social menu, performance issues, and the occasional server error have troubled the recent launch of the Warzone sequel, as well. Hopefully, these problems and others are resolved as quickly as possible.