Underused Warzone 2 perk gives unlimited UAV across all of Al Mazrah

UAV in Warzone 2Activision

UAVs are a valuable resource in Warzone 2, providing vital intel on enemy positions. Luckily, CoD guru Metaphor has discovered a way to use unlimited UAVs in Warzone 2 matches.

Warzone 2 shakes up the formula from the original in a number of interesting ways. The new circle mechanics force to players to adapt quickly, while the Strongholds full of AI enemies pose a new challenge.

One of the most controversial changes made in Warzone was the decision to remove the option of custom Perk setups, forcing players to use one of the pre-made Perk Packages. This was made worse by the fact that Perks appear to be completely broken for many, and don’t trigger in-game.

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Luckily, Warzone 2 expert Metaphor has found a surefire way to make sure players can use their Perks on Al Mazrah, and how they can use this workaround to get unlimited UAVs.

In his November 28 video, the Youtuber found that the Birdseye Perk will essentially allow players to “run a UAV for the entire game,” providing them with valuable intel on where enemies are around the map.

This new Perk, which also features in Modern Warfare 2, reveals the locations of enemies when they use a UAV anywhere on the map, in addition to any UAVs that players call in themselves.

What makes this effect unique is that it covers the entire map, whereas calling in a UAV Killstreak only highlights other teams within a certain range.

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Many players may already have Birdseye equipped through the Recon Perk Package, but won’t be receiving the benefits. Ultimate Perks have been extremely inconsistent ever since Warzone 2 launched, and often don’t provide the effects they should.

If you want to make use of unlimited UAVs, Metaphor has discovered a way to make sure Perks work every time. When you come to buy your loadout later in the game, instead of opting for a custom setup, scroll over to the default loadouts and select one of them.

The Youtuber claims that the Perks on these loadouts work consistently in-game, so be sure to select an option that includes Birdseye to gain unlimited UAVs.

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Of course, the main drawback here is that you won’t have access to your own weapons, but these can be bought separately if you have the cash.

Metaphor did explain that there’s a good chance this method will be patched in a future update, perhaps Season 1 Reloaded. But, for now, this is an effective way to ensure you’re getting the Ultimate Perk effect you want, and to get constant UAVs by using Birdseye.