Warzone 2 guru reveals “2 shot” TAQ-M build that’s comfortably Al Mazrah’s best DMR

Best TAQ-M loadout in MW2Activision

Warzone 2 expert and content creator Metaphor has unveiled his “2 shot” TAQ-M build, which he claims is “insane” and the best DMR in Al Mazrah right now.

Warzone 2’s meta received a shakeup ahead of Season Two thanks to data miners who extracted the exact values of every attachment in the game.

While guns such as the RPK and Lachmann Sub remain among the most popular in Warzone 2, the most used attachments are changing as players are experimenting.

Now more than ever, gamers and content creators are eager to discover new builds to bring out the best of meta and non-meta weapons alike.

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Warzone 2 veteran Metaphor has unveiled his new go-to TAQ-M loadout, which he claims to be the best DMR currently available in the game.

“2 tap” TAQ-M loadout for Warzone 2

In his February 4 YouTube video, the content creator described his TAQ-M build in detail, noting that it’s completely possible to take out opponents with 2 quick shots with this loadout.

“I’m rocking the TAQ-M. I get 2 taps with this thing,” said Metaphor when describing the rifle in his video.”Like I said before, I had a lot of fun rocking this thing.”

He even claimed it is the “best DMR” option for Al Mazrah, and described it as “insane.”

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Specifically, his TAQ-M build focuses on improving the guns already impressive accuracy and maximum range to make you deadly at medium and longer ranges. This comes at the cost of some overall mobility, sprint-to-fire speed, and ADS time, which is typical for a weapon intended for longer range.

But instead, it provides you with a great time to kill if your shots land on the upper torso area, the single fire nature of this rifle makes recoil almost a non-factor/

His full TAQ-M build is detailed below:

  • Barrel: LR1:7 20.5″ Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40
  • Ammunition: 6.5MM High Velocity
  • Stock: Tacverte Brute Stock
  • Sight: Schlager 3.4X

Remember to bring along a strong SMG, like the Fennec or Vaznev 9K, to have their close range also covered.

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