Warzone streamer Repullze “scared” for Warzone 2 with several big concerns

Jacob Hale
Repullze warzone streamer

Warzone streamer Hector ‘Repullze’ Torres has revealed some major concerns he has with Warzone 2, admitting that he’s “scared” for the future of the game due to several key concerns.

Warzone 2 represents a huge change in Call of Duty, as it launches just a few short weeks after the next mainline title, Modern Warfare II, and is supposed to be the next level up from the CoD battle royale that millions of players have come to love since it launched in March 2020.

With players looking ahead to drop in to Al Mazrah from November 16, there are a number of huge changes coming to the BR, and some of them have left Repullze slightly concerned.

While the Baka Bros streaming star definitely says there’s a lot to be excited about for the upcoming title, he raised his concerns in a YouTube video posted on September 19.

Among other things, Repullze listed three key concerns that he considered to be imperative to fix: movement, looting, and lobby size.

He explained that the movement felt a lot slower and, without slide canceling, becomes a “pre-aim heavy game,” with slide canceling the “perfect in-between.”

On looting, Repullze said that the looting system in Warzone is perfect for him, saying the new style in Warzone 2 is clunky and doesn’t feel optimized, asking to bring back the Warzone 1 system.

His final key concern was the lobby size, saying that there needs to be an increase for the large map — which he says he really enjoys — to feel better. 150 simply wouldn’t be enough, according to Repullze, and suggests an increase to 200 could be the best case.

Among other things, the streamer also suggests problems with the AI bots dotted around Al Mazrah, Buy Station changes, and Armor changes, among other features.

That said, he’s very positive about some core features. He clearly loves the map, and the new circle mechanics which have been introduced, saying that it should make the mid-game more exciting.

He also really loves the feel of the guns, and says there are clear audio improvements from the current iteration of Warzone, one of the biggest complaints of recent years.

Of course, it’s still very early days, and changes could be made to Warzone 2 both before and after launch, so it will be interesting to see how things play out.

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