TimTheTatman freaks out playing Warzone 2 as fans wear his Operator skin

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During a stream, TimTheTatman joined a lobby full of players wearing his newly released Operator skin in Warzone 2.

TimTheTatman officially joined the Call of Duty universe on May 31 via an Operator skin for the Warzone and Modern Warfare sequels.

Priced at 2,400 COD Points, the new bundle comes packed with Tim’s Operator skin, The Gatman Assault Rifle Blueprint, Tactical Taco Loading Screen, and much more.

Naturally, the man himself didn’t waste a second when the bundle finally launched, jumping into a lobby on a stream filled with other TimTheTatmans.

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TimTheTatman plays Warzone 2 with fans using his Operator skin

After the Operator skin dropped in MW2 and WZ2, TimTheTatman started a live stream to play with fans. He specifically booted up a game of Massive Resurgence Solos in Warzone 2, then asked others in the stream to join him and wear their TimTheTatman skin. “I’m basically telling you to stream-snipe me, bro,” he said before launching the game.

Within seconds of dropping onto the Al Mazrah map, the content creator found himself surrounded by characters who looked just like him.

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“Dude, there’s already like seven or eight of me going down! Holy frick!” These joyful cheers were quickly followed by Tim repeatedly shouting, “Oh, it’s me,” at the many TimTheTatman Operators that landed beside him. “I grossly underestimated the amount of people that were gonna be in here,” he added excitedly.

Distracted by the sheer number of TimTheTatman skins on screen, the Warzone 2 streamer died pretty quickly. His enthusiasm for the humbling fan support seems to have been worth it, though.

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“I wanna just spectate this, bro,” he later said, commenting on the thrill of seeing different versions of himself fighting each other.

Of course, TimTheTatman isn’t the only popular content creator to recently join the COD ranks. A NICKMERCS bundle also hit Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 on May 31.

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