What is “The Shop” in Warzone 2? New Buy Stations explained

Call of Duty Warzone Loadout Drop 2 FinalActivision

Activision opted to shift gears in Warzone 2 and remove loadout drops. Players will now make all of their purchases from enhanced Buy Stations called “The Shop.”

Call of Duty Next featured several new announcements for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, Warzone 2, Warzone Mobile, and DMZ. 200 streamers got their hands on an alpha build of Warzone 2 and showed off gameplay.

We finally got an official release date for Warzone 2, launching on November 16, and the developers cleared up pressing questions and rumors.

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Some decisions are sure to upset players. Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 won’t have a FOV slider on console, and loadout drops are being removed.

What is Warzone 2’s The Shop

Warzone loadout dropRaven Software
Loadout Drops are being removed from Warzone 2.

Activision announced, “The Shop” in its Warzone 2 blog post. The Shop allows players to buy and upgrade equipment and upgrades.

Here are all of the purchases available in “The Shop.”

  • Squadmate Buy Back
  • Buy Gear
  • Limited Equipment
  • Buy Weapon

New to Warzone 2, Limited Equipment is removed from the Shop once purchased.

You can no longer purchase loadout drops from Buy Stations. ModernWarzone shared gameplay footage from a buy station, and he could only purchase and upgrade weapons.

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Players can customize weapons in the Gunsmith and then buy those customized weapons from “The Shop.”

Buy stations aren’t the only way to earn customized weapons. By conquering a Stronghold, you are awarded one of your customized Gunsmith weapons at “The Shop” for free.

Activision clarified Loadout Drops are not available in the build shown during Call of Duty Next, but there is a chance they might still be a thing in the future.

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