NICKMERCS explains why slide cancel removal is a good thing in Modern Warfare 2


Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently discussed his thoughts on the removal of slide canceling in Modern Warfare 2 – an area that has proven incredibly divisive in the game’s beta. 

Slide canceling has been a big part of Warzone ever since the game’s launch. Not only does it increase your movement speed, but it can make it harder for your opponent to actually hit you during gunfights. In fact, the best Warzone players utilize this mechanic to get an advantage over their foes. 

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While slide canceling can be replicated via a newly-found technique, the original method has been completely removed from Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. This has obviously sparked a lot of debate amongst the community, with many players and streamers voicing their views on the removal. 

Now NICKMERCS has revealed his thoughts on the lack of slide canceling in MW2, stating why he thinks it’s actually a great thing for the overall health of the game. 

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NICKMERCS on Modern Warfare 2 slide canceling removal

“I wasn’t a fan of slide canceling,” said Nick. “I think pressing in your analog down like that every two seconds, a thousand times a day is ridiculous. However, people that act like it’s not a skill gap are f*cking dumb.” 

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Of course, having good aim and decent positioning will help you win more games in Warzone, but being able to run rings around your foes is also a massive bonus. This is especially true in close-range firefights, where high mobility can keep you alive and lead to your opponent missing their shots. 

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However, Nick believes slide canceling is just an annoying mechanic that ultimately divides the community’s casual and competitive playerbase in an unhealthy way.

“If you put things in the game that you can just spam to increase your speed or your movement, I mean that’s just going to increase the skill gap. So, for a guy like me who doesn’t want to smash my stick in a hundred thousand times a day anymore, that’s going to p*ss me off.” 

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Instead, the content creator believes the developers should find other methods that players can use to flex over their opponents. “I like the fact that they took that out, I think [slide canceling] is f*cking stupid. I think there are other ways to implement skill gaps without breaking your thumb, you know.”