“Underwhelming” JAK Gunslinger has MW3 and Warzone players asking why it was added

Ryan Lemay
JAK Gunslinger

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone players thought they found the next best conversion kit in the JAK Gunslinger, but the new addition fell far short of expectations.

After completing the week 7 challenges in Modern Warfare 3, players unlock the JAK Gunslinger conversion kit. On paper, the new addition should have been an instant hit as it increased the Basilisk’s magazine size to eight, increased the fire rate, and removed the bolt delay.

However, after getting a hands-on test session with the weapon, players quickly realized that it’s one of the worst-performing conversion kits to be added.

Warzone Meta tested the conversion kit in Warzone and determined that the pistol typically kills in five shots, translating to a 600-millisecond time-to-kill speed.

For a short-range-meta weapon, this is below average, and a 300-millisecond time-to-kill speed can only be achieved with one headshot and two chest shots. As a result, we don’t expect the JAK Gunslinger to make any significant waves in the battle royale.

The same can be said about multiplayer, as Warzone Meta tested the conversion kit in MW3 and determined that it has an average time-to-kill speed of 300 milliseconds, which is poor for the game mode.

Players questioned why it would be added since the conversion kit underperforms in every category. “I don’t understand the point of spending dev efforts on this thing,” Warzone Loadout claimed.

After running through the same tests, other players agreed. Warzone content creator JGOD concluded, “Probably fun in MP, but 8 bullets without snakeshots is a little too limiting for WZ imo.”

JGOD held back his complaints, but other community members didn’t pull punches. “Unfortunately, this is yet another bad conversion kit,” Warzone Meta argued.

Like any other weapon in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, players can always make weapons perform better than they appear on the surface. But in this case, you are best off looking for a better option.