TimTheTatman defends Warzone 2 amid fan complaints: “We are kind of spoiled”

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Warzone 2 streamer TimTheTatman came to the battle royale’s defense amid players and content creators moving on to new games.

The future of FPS games took a massive leap on March 22. Valve finally unveiled the long-awaited Counter-Strike 2 and Fortnite revealed creative 2.0. The editor allows players to create their own battle royale experience utilizing top-of-the-line technology.

Both announcements led Warzone 2 fans to question the future of their favorite game as competitors continue to innovate the genre. Before both announcements, TimTheTatman stood by WZ2 and explained why the battle royale is better than people give it credit for.

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TimTheTatman explains why the Warzone 2 community is spoiled

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Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded started on March 15.

TimTheTatman revealed why it is ironic to be a Warzone fan and explained an inherent cyclical nature that comes with the territory.

“We don’t really congratulate Warzone on the things they have done better and instead just complain a lot. We forget about the stuff we complained about previously.”

“We were complaining in Verdansk, we were complaining in Caldera, and here we are in Al Mazrah, and shocker, we are complaining.”

Tim does not believe Warzone 2 is better than Verdansk but argues Al Mazrah is a “million times better” than Caldera.

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“I don’t think Warzone 2 is that bad.”

The YouTuber believes community frustration stems from two core complaints, movement and a fast TTK.

As for the game’s movement, Tim said, “I’m glad I don’t have to slide cancel anymore.” He doesn’t believe gunfights should be decided by who can move faster or slide around engagements.

But the YouTuber understands both sides of the argument for a lower skill gap. Warzone 2 has a fast TTK speed, allowing less skilled FPS shooters to compete because they don’t need to land as many shots.

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“I think that’s the biggest complaint. They took the skill gap and shrunk it. They made it so if you run into someone super good, they might not be able to 1v4 you.”

“I can see how sweats want to 1v4 and get clips and 35 kills, and I can also see as a casual, you are like, man, this is fun, I can get a kill on TimTheTatman.”

Despite streaming other games, Tim’s enjoyment of Warzone 2 has not wavered.

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