Syndicate flames Vanguard Zombies after early access: “Absolute L”

YouTube: Syndicate

Call of Duty YouTuber Syndicate flamed Vanguard Zombies after getting early access to the mode and claims it’s an “absolute L” for the Zombies community.

Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Vanguard releases on November 5 and will feature one of the franchise’s most popular game modes: Zombies. For the first time ever, developers are helping each other as Treyarch are in charge of the mode.

The company has been known for Zombies where players attempt to survive for as many rounds as possible, with each one getting harder. While Black Ops 4’s iteration wasn’t beloved by the community, Treyarch were able to revive it with Black Ops Cold War.

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However, popular Zombies content creator Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell isn’t holding back as this year’s mode is set to launch without any round-based maps.

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Vanguard’s iteration on CoD Zombies brings an entirely new mode into focus with Der Anfang and Syndicate is upset.

Syndicate calls out Treyarch for Vanguard Zombies

One of Zombies’ biggest players of all time is Syndicate, as he became well known from his round 115 video back on Black Ops 1’s Kino Der Toten.

While the game is popular for its high rounds and insane intensity, Treyarch are moving away from that to focus on objective-based gameplay like Outbreak. And Syndicate is not happy.

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Not only does he call out Treyarch, he puts them on blast as he claims this is “an absolute L that has been handed to the community.” Also, he said they seem to have forgotten the “formula that worked.” Syndicate is referring to the formula of replayable round-based maps that let you try and survive for as long as possible.

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Zombies started on Nacht der Untoten, where there were three rooms, a couple of wall buys, and a mystery box. That simple method has worked for years and Treyarch have built on that standard, until this year.

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(Topic starts at 1:35:31 for mobile viewers)

The YouTuber was able to get early access to Der Anfang and needless to say he was quite disappointed as he believes this is worse than Black Ops 4’s Zombies (which was highly disliked by the community).

Not only that, he finds it weird that Treyarch decided to take the game in this direction. “Call of Duty Zombies by Treayach is a round-based survival mode where you try to go further and further and try to be at your previous score,” he said. However, Der Anfang takes away all the fundamentals that Zombies was built on.

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Even though Treyarch may be paving the way for a different style of gameplay, they did say that round-based maps have not been forgotten. So maybe fans will need to be patient as classic maps could be returning in the near future.