Vanguard Zombies Altar of Covenants revealed: powerful new abilities & upgrades

Alec Mullins
A zombie climbing out of a hole in Vanguard's Zombies mode

Treyarch has revealed the first look at the new Altar of Covenants mechanic in Vanguard Zombies which allows players to wield multiple passive boosts to their operator while they tackle the horde of the undead. 

Call of Duty Vanguard’s new Zombies mode is arriving with a host of new features and mechanics. Alongside the revamped Perk system and the inclusion of four Dark Aether Entities and their artifacts, the Altar of Covenants brings a new layer of strategy to the traditional Zombies experience.

The Covenants range from replacements for familiar Perks like Quick Revive to new ideas like Bloodlust, which allows players to deal more damage with their melee attacks as well as heal for a portion of the damage they do.

Each of these new upgrades aims to bring a new flavor to the battlefield for an experience that is unique to Vanguard.

What is the Altar of Covenants in Vanguard Zombies?

The Altar of Covenants in Vanguard Zombies
The Altar will be accessed through a new item drop called the Sacrificial Heart which is earned through progressing further in your map objectives.

The Altar of Covenants is a new station that will allow characters to equip one of 11 abilities to help them survive the endless zombie onslaught. These boosts mostly provide passive advantages for your character, and each one brings a new dynamic to a squad’s survival strategy.

Some of these abilities, like Cryofreeze and Brain Rot, will be familiar to returning players but there are several original additions as well.

  • Bloodlust: Melee attacks do more damage and heal you.
  • Resurrectionist: Revive allies faster.
  • Brain Rot: Chance to turn enemies to your side.
  • Cryofreeze: Chance to slow enemies.
  • Death Blow: Critical kills return bullets to the clip.
  • Ammo Gremlin: Stowed weapons refill ammo from stock automatically.
  • Dead Accurate: Consecutive hits on the same enemy do more damage.
  • Splatterfest: Enemies killed by explosions may explode.
  • Unholy Ground: Deal more damage while stationary.
  • Cull the Weak: Deal more damage to slowed or stunned enemies.
  • Mother Lode: Chance to keep Equipment after using it.

How does the Altar of Covenants work?

CoD Vanguard Zombies cover artwork
Vanguard will introduce a chilling new entry in the Dark Aether story.

Players will be able to equip three of these Covenants at a time and the available set of bonuses will rotate after each objective is completed, allowing individuals to shop around for their ideal combination of powers.

These abilities can also be upgraded, making each boost more potent than before. In their latest Zombies update, Treyarch stressed just how powerful these effects can be when paired together.

“The true strength of Covenants lies in their upgraded rarities, however. For example, while the Rare version of Cull the Weak deals +50% damage to slowed or stunned enemies, the Legendary version can deal a whopping +100% base damage in addition to +100% critical damage. Combine that with Cryofreeze and Dead Accurate, and you’ll be shredding through zombies in no time… as long as you can hit your targets and stay alive.”

You’ll be able to put these new powers to the test when Vanguard launches on November 5.

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