Strange Warzone bug is still completely breaking trigger on guns

Marc Griffin
Warzone operator in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is still facing a gun jamming bug that makes it impossible to shoot their enemies.

Warzone’s bugs prevented players from playing the game at its fullest potential, and this one has yet to be addressed by Raven Software.

Consistently plaguing the gameplay of the battle royale, the community has faced an array of glitches that have made the game almost unplayable. For example, the Buy Station problem that causes combatants to get stuck inside the station still appears from time to time.

Like the Buy Station issue, the gun jamming bug has reared its head again, presenting issues for the Warzone community.

Operator in Warzone
The bug has made it impossible to fire at opponents.

Warzone gun jamming bug back at it again

If you had just begun playing the battle royale recently, you may not be aware of the ‘gun jamming’ happening in Warzone.

However, since its first documentation on March 11, 2022, it’s made it impossible for players to defend themselves against their enemies as using the shooting action doesn’t fire ammo.

Redditor ElPeneTraitor uploaded a video that reiterated the need for a fix on April 15, as they attempted to fire – clicking the trigger button – but were left confused as nothing happened.

Stomped by their inability to shoot, the Reddit user captioned the video: “Gun wouldn’t fire when I clicked! Anyone else had the bug?”

Another Redditor answers the question with their own experiences, saying: “It happens to me sometimes, I click on the shoot button, but the gun won’t shoot for a second. I’m not tac sprinting or doing any animation; I’m even pulling my joystick back to be sure not to be shooting… f***ing annoying.”

Between March 11 and April 15, Raven Software has offered about five patches to remedy general bugs found in the game, but this glitch wasn’t one of them.

With the problem continuing to give players a hard time, it will be interesting to see when and how the developers stop guns from jamming in this way.