Game-breaking Warzone bug makes players unable to shoot weapons

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific gun not shooting

Call of Duty: Warzone is technically a first-person shooter, but a frustrating new bug is making it impossible to live up to that genre – as players seem unable to shoot bullets out of their guns.

A lot of things matter in a first-person shooter. Having good movement, positioning, and game sense are all key to success in an FPS, but the most important aspect of all is, unsurprisingly, how well you can shoot your gun. 

Unfortunately, for some Warzone players a new bug is literally taking that part of the game away.

As shown by streamer ProReborn, there’s a Warzone glitch that prevents players’ guns from firing. No matter how much you click your buttons or drop and pick up your weapons, you seem stuck as a defenseless victim.

Warzone bug disables players’ guns from shooting

In ProReborn’s clip, he’s surrounded by gunfire as he tries to shoot his gun and nothing comes out. Frustrated by the continually full magazine, he drops the guns, picks them back up, and tries again – this time showing himself pressing triggers on camera.

Absolutely befuddled by the situation, he decided to appeal to the nether: “Hello? Hello? I can’t fire my guns!”

No response comes, as he explained that “it just stopped working.” As far as things that could stop working in an FPS, being able to shoot is probably the most unsettling one of all.

Booya AK class
Being able to shoot your gun is the most important part of any Warzone loadout.

For those wondering if it could ProReborn’s hardware at fault, not the game, that has to feel unlikely. As a streamer with a PC, a 2.8 K/D, and 20,453 kills in the game, one has to imagine that he’s experienced enough to take care of his controllers.

In the replies, a number of players claimed they dealt with the same glitch. Unfortunately, the issue hasn’t been added to Raven Software’s list of known problems – so it seems that the devs haven’t begun working on a fix for it just yet.

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