Weird Warzone 2 crashing bug makes sniping impossible

warzone 2 snipingActivision Blizzard

A Call of Duty: Warzone 2 player has encountered a strange bug that disconnects the game whenever they try sniping enemies from afar.

Sniper-centric builds constitute one of the fan-favorite loadouts for Call of Duty’s popular battle royale title. As such, recommendations for the best sniper loadouts make the rounds within the community quite often.

Unfortunately, there are times when the power behind carefully-thought-out rifle setups provide no battlefield advantage because of gameplay hiccups.

And it seems one particular bug has caused quite a few problems for one Warzone sniper who can’t catch a break.

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Warzone 2 bug causes game to disconnect when sniping

“I know the devs hate snipers but this is a bit excessive,” wrote Redditor Kenja_Time upon posting a clip of the Warzone sequel randomly crashing mid-match.

The video shows two separate instances of the player firing off a shot from a sniper rifle, only for Warzone 2 to suddenly crash. Both times, the user was met with an error message that read: “DEV ERROR 11588.”

While the above footage depicts the disconnection happening with a PC version of the Warzone sequel, console players have encountered the exact same issue.

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One user in the Reddit thread linked to a SoCaLove stream from a few days ago, wherein the content creator’s game disconnects right after they try sniping an opponent. “It’s 100 percent a sniper glitch,” the streamer said while waiting for the main menu to load.

As of now, what causes the glitch and how widespread it’s become for Warzone 2 is not yet known. Along with the “broken” KV Broadside, this serves as another hiccup that players will want developers to fix fast.

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