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Warzone players discover new Buy Station glitch that’s ruining matches

Published: 28/Mar/2022 18:31

by Jaret Kappelman


As Warzone players dive deeper into Season 2 Reloaded, they have discovered one of the game’s most infamous glitch, the freezing buy station, is back with a twist and ruining matches.

Season 2 Reloaded dropped on March 23 and even though a massive quality of life update came with this, there are still some lingering problems.

Back in Pacific Season 1, Warzone players were faced with arguably the most annoying glitch ever. When opening a Buy Station, your game would freeze for around five seconds, and usually got you killed or crashed the game.

Now, in Season 2 Reloaded, Buy Stations are glitched once again, and it’s just as bad as before.


Warzone player at Buy Station
Freezing Buy Stations were a huge problem last season, and the issue has now resurfaced in Season 2

Warzone Buy Station glitch is back

Multiple players took to Reddit as they reported another frustrating Buy Station glitch across Rebirth and Caldera.

This bug isn’t freezing the game, but instead it is causing your cursor to reset back to the top of the Buy Station menu. Meaning, that once you have scrolled a couple spaces down to buy a UAV for example, it will reset  your selection back to the top and you will need to scroll again.

Players are getting extremely annoyed as they are trying to buy something quick in the heat of battle but keep picking the wrong thing. One Redditor said, “F**k man I bought so many gas masks by mistake today because of that s**t.”


warzone character at a buy station
Infinity Ward
Players thought they had broken controllers after running into this glitch.

Others were convinced that their controller wasn’t working properly with multiple saying “I thought my controller was broken.” However, after mass reports  from players, it appears that this is just another installment of the Buy Station glitch.

At the time of writing this, it doesn’t appear that Raven is aware this is happening. Nothing has been marked on their Trello board and the devs haven’t tweeted about this issue. So for now, players need to use these with extra caution until this gets fixed.