Scavenger Perk receives major buff in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update

Nathan Warby
Warzone player looking at Scavenger ground loot

The Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update has come with a lot of major changes to the CoD battle royale, including a substantial buff to the Serpentine Perk in an effort to make it more useful.

The last major update has arrived in Warzone, and Season 5 Reloaded certainly isn’t holding back. On top of two new weapons in the form of the BP50 and Lienna 57, there are also a ton of gameplay adjustments to keep things fresh before Warzone 2 arrives.

As always, the game’s extensive lineup of weapons have been buffed and nerfed to make things more balanced, but this time Raven have also turned their attention to Perks.

One of the biggest changes fans will notice is a huge change to the effect of the Scavenger Perk.

Scavenger buffed in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded

Scavenger is a tried-and-tested Perk option in the CoD series, offering players the opportunity to recover ammo from fallen enemies.

However, although you may think it’s a perfect fit for Warzone, most players tend to opt for Serpentine, Double Time, or Cold Blooded in the Perk 1 slot. In fact, according to WZ Ranked, only 2.18% of players run Scavenger in their loadout.

Raven Software are looking to address this in the Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update by introducing a nice buff to make the Perk more enticing. Going forward, Scavenger pouches dropped by defeated enemies will drop $1,000 as well as the usual supply of ammo.

The devs explained their reasoning behind the buff in the Season 5 Reloaded patch notes, saying: “This Perk is underutilized given its clear value for “Rusher” playstyles, so we have made a change such that the Scavenger pouch from an elimination will now contain a guaranteed $1,000.

“We expect this to be a real contender for being a default Perk in the slot, as well as strengthening its role as a Ground Loot Perk for any Players motivated by elimination chasing.”

Warzone Season 5 cover art
Warzone Season 5 Reloaded is set to be the last major update ahead of Warzone 2.

Money is a vital resource in Warzone as allows players to call in their own loadout, as well as useful killstreaks that can provide intel or lay waste to opposing teams. Scavenger is now a surefire way to rack up cash quickly, especially if you’re a player who likes to play aggressively and get involved in fights.

Only time will tell how this interesting buff affects the meta in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded, but this change gives Scavenger a better chance than ever before to become a real meta choice from now on.

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