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Ridiculous Modern Warfare bug makes Gunfight map unplayable

Published: 4/Dec/2019 5:42

by Brad Norton


A laughable bug discovered after the major Season One update to Modern Warfare has made one particular Gunfight map completely unplayable.

The inaugural season of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare kicked off on December 3 and while an assortment of new content was introduced, a number of unbelievable oversights and glitches have managed to slip through the cracks.

Cargo and Atrium serve as two brand-new maps for the tactical 2v2 Gunfight game-mode in Season One. Despite being the latest additions however, it’s an earlier Gunfight map that has been the target of an absurd bug in the update.

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareInfinity Ward recently hinted that 1v1 and 3v3 variants could be coming to Gunfight.
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“The new update is fried,” Twitter user ‘Jugzah’ stated alongside gameplay of a truly ridiculous glitch that has seemingly come into effect after the latest patch.


Competing in a regular Gunfight match on the Docks map, two teams were left absolutely stunned by the sudden appearance of an enormous boat floating through the battlefield.

Carrying dozens of huge shipping containers, the glitched vehicle traveled through the entire map and completely blocked any line of sight to the opposing team. 

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“This is a joke” one of the players reacted before running directly through the unbelievably janky textures and securing the round-win. 

With the overtime flag lost in the midst of a massive ship cruising through, the opposition had no intel as to the whereabouts of a sneaky flanker coming up behind to get a melee victory. 


“I don’t even know how this happens, Reddit user ‘DemonRDT6’ expressed. “Which designer was f*cking around with the Docks code? They haven’t even changed anything to the map in this update so it shouldn’t have even been touched.” 

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Having been in development since Infinity Ward’s previous release in 2016, there’s no doubting that a Modern Warfare bug so egregious should not be expected from such a prestigious studio. Especially not in one of the biggest entertainment properties around the world

Not the only ridiculous oversight from the Season One update however, Search & Destroy players are currently having to endure a similarly game-breaking bug