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How to get 3 exclusive Modern Warfare items with Doritos – for free

Published: 3/Dec/2019 10:26

by Joe Craven


Activision and Doritos have joined forces to give players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the chance to grab 3 exclusive in-game items – completely for free. 

Past Call of Duty titles have received staunch criticism from the community for the price of additional content. For example, publishers Activision were slammed when it was announced that Modern Warfare Remastered would charge $15 (roughly £12) for the variety map pack. 

However, 2019’s Modern Warfare has so far broken this trend. At the time of writing, no DLC has been added to the game that costs players extra money. This trend has continued with the December 2 announcement of free exclusive items, thanks to Doritos. 

Twitter: PrestigeisKeyThe three in game items.

There are three exclusive items that players can ascertain. These include a Calling Card, a watch for your player’s wrist and a ‘Going Dark’ Gun Charm. The items can be seen above.

They are remarkably simple to unlock, provided you follow all the instructions Doritos have provided. As previously mentioned, they are completely free for all players. 

Doritos explained how to do it in a December 2 tweet: “Ready to take your COD game to another level? Unlock 3 exclusive item drops in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Just follow us, and then tweet @Doritos #DoritosDewDrop.” The message received once the items have been successfully redeemed.[/caption]

Following all these instructions will guarantee that you get your 3 exclusive items completely for free. 

There is currently a known issue with codes incorrectly registering as already being redeemed when players enter them. However, liaising with Activision’s Support on Twitter sees them handing out replacement codes. 

Enjoy the in-game items!

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War Zombies crafting table: everything you can make

Published: 17/Nov/2020 18:39 Updated: 17/Nov/2020 19:23

by Tanner Pierce


Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode includes a number of different additions and changes but one of the biggest is the upgrades that have been made to the crafting system, which is now more refined than previous titles. Here’s what you need to know.

With Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has overhauled the Zombies experience to include a slew of new features, as well as a seemingly brand new storyline. The mode is very different when it comes to its previous entries, while still keeping the same spirit and concepts that fans have loved for years now.

One of the bigger changes to the mode, beyond the exfil function, is the game’s new crafting table feature, which allows players to make everything from grenades and equipment to scorestreaks. Here’s how it works.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Crafting Table

The crafting table allows players to get equipment and scorestreaks using salvage.

While crafting tables have appeared in previous Zombies entries in one way, shape, or form, this overhaul in Black Ops Cold War completely changes up how it’s used.

Instead of players having to roam around the map, searching for specific parts, and then returning to the table to build the item, players now collect salvage and random parts from Zombies when they’re killed. The more salvage you have, the better items you’ll be able to build.

For example, 50 pieces of salvage will get you allow you to build a bow, while 250 will get you in control of a Chopper Gunner.

What items are available in the Crafting Table?

Better items, like the Chopper Gunner, will cost more salvage.

Right now, there seem to be four Tactical items, five Lethal items, and five support items (scorestreaks). Each item can help you in a different way in-game and most are based on items featured in the base Multiplayer mode.

The only exception to that rule is the Monkey Bomb, which obviously returns from previous Treyarch Zombies titles.

  • Tactical
    • Stim shot
    • Stun grenade
    • Decoy grenade
    • Cymbal Monkey (Monkey Bomb)
  • Lethal
    • Tomahawk
    • Frag grenade
    • Semtex grenade
    • Molotov
    • C4
  • Support
    • Combat Bow
    • Sentry Gun
    • War Machine
    • Self-Revive
    • Chopper Gunner

Crafting Table locations in Die Maschine

While Crafting Tables don’t require anything to unlock, they seem to be few and far between on Die Maschine. There’s one in the main spawn room, allowing players quick access to a table in the early game, but the only other table seems to be right outside the underground facility’s automated doors.

This means that if players want to build some equipment, they’ll have to make their way to those two stations. There could be more around the map but right now, those seem to be the only options for players.

Here’s hoping that subsequent maps have more tables and that more items get added to each crafting station.