Modern Warfare Season 1 v1.10 patch notes: new content, Battle Pass, more

Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One has launched, introducing a ton of new content into the game, including a Battle Pass, new maps, modes, weapons, and much more.

Released on December 3, Season One is the biggest content launch following the release of any Call of Duty title so far. Unlike in recent years, all of the new content is available on the three major platforms right away, as PlayStation 4 no longer has an exclusivity period for multiplayer.

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In terms of what’s new, this update includes several new maps, including three for the regular multiplayer, two for Gunfight, and one for Ground War. There are also three new multiplayer modes, two new weapons, several Special Ops experiences, and, of course, the Battle Pass.

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However, everything except for the cosmetic and miscellaneous items in the premium portion of the Battle Pass is and will be free for all players since Activision decided to ditch the Season Pass and purchasable DLC models.

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It’s worth noting, however, that not all of this is available right away, as Activision have confirmed that some of it will be added periodically throughout Season One.

In addition to all of the new content, the v1.10 update also includes several adjustments and fixes for some general issues, weapon tuning, killstreaks, and more. All in all, the patch is 18GB in size on PlayStation 4, 18.5GB on Xbox One, and 20GB on PC.

Infinity Ward

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Season 1 content that’s available on December 3

As noted above, not all of the new Season One content was added on December 3, with Activision opting to release some of it right away and leave the rest for later on in the Season.

Here is what’s available right now:

  • New multiplayer map: Crash – a remake of the iconic CoD 4: Modern Warfare map featuring a new area added.
  • Two new Gunfight maps: Atrium and Cargo
  • New Ground War map: Port (gameplay available HERE)
  • Two new weapons: RAM-7 assault rifle and Holger-26 LMG (more details)
  • New multiplayer mode: Reinforce – a hybrid mode between Domination, Search & Destroy, and Search & Rescue, capture points to revive fallen teammates and take all points to win the round.
  • Two Classic Special Ops Experiences:
    • Pitch Black: Infil into Barkov’s vacant estate to recover and transmit all on-site intel to your tactical rover.
    • Grounded: Engage and eliminate Al Qatala militants who have seized Barkov’s former airbase to steal weaponry and air assets.
  • New Special Ops Experience: Operation Strongbox – use the crypto keys you’ve stolen to assault the bank, break into the vault, and put The Banker out of business.
Infinity WardThe iconic Crash made from the original Modern Warfare game has been remade with a new area added for the 2019 installment.

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Season 1 content coming later

As for everything else, Activision have announced that the rest of the new content will be added weekly throughout the duration of Season 1.

Here’s what you can expect to be coming later on:

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  • New multiplayer maps: Vacant and Shipment
  • New Gunfight map: Shipment (being added as both a regular MP map and in Gunfight)
  • Two new multiplayer modes:
    • Infected: It’s hunt or be hunted in the survival party game mode where eliminated survivors become infected.
    • O.S.P Gunfight: The same mechanics of traditional Gunfight apply, with the distinct difference that players begin each match with no weapons or equipment and must pick them up once the match begins.
  • Classic Special Ops Experience: Bomb Squad – Armistice Team 4 QRF must defuse IEDs planted in an Urzikstan city before detonation.
  • New Special Ops Experience: Operation Just Reward – Cut off Al Qatala’s money supply in Verdansk and target the head of their financial operation by hacking the Banker’s mobile data centers.
Infinity WardA revamped version of the classic Shipment map will be coming to Modern Warfare for both regular multiplayer and Gunfight.

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Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass

For the first time in a Call of Duty game, a Battle Pass has been added in Modern Warfare Season 1 to give players a whole other way to earn new content.

It includes both a free and premium content stream, the latter costing CoD Points to unlock. Of the 100 Tiers, 81 are exclusive to the purchasable version and the remaining 23 available to everyone for free.

The Battle Pass offers a large variety of things for players to unlock, including two new weapons, CoD Points, Operator Skins, Blueprints (weapon variants), watches, regular XP and weapon XP tokens, player cards, emblems, knife skins, stickers, sprays, and charms.

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More more details, including the names and images of each of the 100+ rewards, make sure to visit our Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass info page.


Modern Warfare v1.10 update patch notes

Here are the full patch notes for this update, as provided by Infinity Ward on Reddit:



  • Crash 24/7

  • Reinforce

  • Added Rammaza and Gun Runner to TDM 20 and DOM 20

  • Added night maps to Hardcore TDM, Search and Destroy, Cyber Attack


  • Gun Game (available in Private Match)

  • Shoot House 24/7

  • 2v2 Gunfight Tournament

Post image


  • Riot Shield:

    • Tuning to how the Riot Shield protects against grenades when thrown at the players’ feet

    • Reduced explosive damage within certain ranges

  • Fixed a bug where the final killcam would appear under the map when a player got stuck by Thermite or Semtex on the lower part of the body

  • Fixed an issue where players stuck inside the Infantry Assault Vehicle would not take damage from Thermite

  • Fix for a bug where attempting to scroll to the bottom of the Recent Players list could cause the list to read “No Recent Players” and return to the top

  • Gunfight (private match): Fixes ‘Win by Two’ setting to end the game properly once the conditions have been met

Missions and Challenges:

The following are now fixed and have had their descriptions updated as needed

  • “Close and Personal”

  • “Perks of the Job”

  • “Bloodthirsty Killer”

  • “Destroy Ground Killstreaks” – All player-driven vehicles will count towards this launcher camo challenge

  • “Get 50 kills while an enemy UAV is active” – description updated to reflect that the Ghost perk needs to be equipped in order to complete

  • Combat Knife challenge descriptions updated

  • .357 camo challenge

  • Various updates to other camo challenges

  • Fix for Officer Challenge completion notifications not appearing on screen


  • Improved effectiveness of FMJ on Killstreaks

  • Fix for the Cluster Strike dealing damage inconsistently when targeting a VTOL jet


  • .357: Buckshot: reduced damage range, reduced effective hip fire damage. Tuned spread adjustments from barrel attachments

  • Menu damage stat bar adjustments for miscellaneous LMGs

Post image
  • Fixed a bug where the informant can be dropped in bad positions/near enemy soldiers in Operation Harbinger

  • Added a checkpoint after the third hack on Operation Brimstone

  • Fix for a bug where players could become stuck after going into last stand while breaching the trains on Operation Brimstone

  • Enemies in white trucks now exit their vehicles


  • Leaderboards will no longer display complete gamertags. This should help higher profile leaderboards users from receiving too many invites

  • Fixed an issue where players would not be able to mantle while strafing with keyboard and mouse

  • Increased the turn-rate when aiming with a tank

  • Adjusted the camera orbit turn-rate while driving a vehicle using keyboard and mouse

  • The keybind “Vehicle Camera Recenter” is now linked to Melee by default (default on E / Mouse 4) and the re-centering of the camera has been improved


  • Improvements for the camera transitions with Free Camera and Aerial Camera

  • Added a Killstreak view option when using the Portrait List

  • Added arrows under the players when using the Aerial Camera view

  • Added a skull icon on the Minimap where players die



Fixed an issue that forced shaders to be fully re-compiled after each title update. Shader installation should be expected mainly for new content, drivers update or changing the video card. New optimizations or bugfix that require modifying the shaders can also trigger part or the totality of the shaders to be re-compiled.

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