Modern Warfare Season One update breaks S&D with absurd glitch

Brad Norton
Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare

Season One of Modern Warfare is officially upon us, however the major update has introduced a game-breaking Search & Destroy bug and the Call of Duty community could not be more frustrated. 

Infinity Ward implemented a slew of fresh content with a major Season One update on December 3. From weapons and emotes to a slew of cosmetic items, there’s plenty to chase in the brand-new seasonal Battle-Pass. 

Unfortunately however, the v1.10 patch that launched alongside the inaugural season, has introduced an assortment of devastating glitches and bugs. One such oversight has the hardcore Call of Duty community up in arms as fan-favorite game-type Search & Destroy has been dramatically impacted.

Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare
Cyber Attack might see an uptick in play until this ridiculous S&D bug is removed.

Showcased throughout a December 3 post from ‘caspvr’ on Twitter, the unfathomable oversight stems from the bomb-carrier in Search & Destroy. 

An issue that hadn’t been present since the launch of Infinity Ward’s latest on October 25, the latest update now ensures that any player firing a non-silenced weapon while carrying the bomb, will be put on full display for the enemy team. 

Rather than simply showing an ordinary red-indicator to highlight the enemy position, players are now shown to be carrying the bomb.

A major source of intel in any given round of Search, the bomb carrier is a critical focal point for the defending team. After all, knowing the position of the bomb allows you to focus your strategy on one particular bomb-site, rather than scattering teammates across the map. Thus, there’s no denying just how devastating this newfound glitch could be in a competitive game.

Responding to the issue at hand, Infinity Ward’s communications manager Ashton Williams questioned whether the bug was only prevalent in the “pause menu.”

“No, it happens on [the] mini-map also,” one Call of Duty fan explained. “Groundbreaking glitch for competitive. Needs a patch now.”

Being able to lock-down the bomb-carriers position in each and every round is likely to invoke drastic change in the core game-mode until an update is released. 

“This has got to be a bad dream, someone pinch me,” Reddit user ‘Popeeeee’ expressed upon witnessing the absurd bug in action.

There’s no telling quite when another patch will be released, though this is undeniably an issue that Infinity Ward needs to get on top of in the immediate future.

The full seasonal update introduced a wide array of new maps and even a new mode in Reinforce. Full patch notes for the beginning of the inaugural season can be found here.

Additionally, a fully-fledged Battle Pass accompanies the dawn of the first season and you can get up to speed with every single reward using our dedicated guide.