Warzone fan confused as bug transforms purchased skin into “strong woman”

Theo Salaun
Activision / Pexels

Call of Duty: Warzone is full of purchasable bundles with exciting cosmetics. But one player isn’t so excited by their Zeyna operator skin, as it seems to be glitched and is turning the character into a “strong woman.”

Whether you support cosmetic microtransactions or not, there’s a timeless saying that “you get what you pay for.” And, as it turns out, that expression doesn’t always hold up in the trenches of Warzone.

A Redditor named ‘SpiritualJoke8’ learned this the hard way, as their recent purchase turned into an accidental prank. Instead of getting to use the intimidating Zeyna Paladin Operator skin (from the Honor Bound Tracer bundle), a weird glitch has other plans.

Now, SpiritualJoke is asking people for help. Their friends are calling the Operator “strong woman,” but they don’t seem content with the game’s bugged alteration to their purchase.

Warzone’s bugged Zeyna Paladin skin

zeyna paladin skin call of duty warzone
Look at Zeyna man, so intimidating.

First things first, take a peek at what Zeyna’s Paladin skin is supposed to look like. She’s got armor, a faux hawk, and – a glistening cherry on top – shining golden eyes. It’s very magical, very mythical, and very mighty.

Now, let’s check out what SpiritualJoker ended up with. While they originally intended to purchase a golden-eyed, presumably strong woman, a Warzone bug amped things up a little.

Warzone’s new microtransaction bug: “Strong woman”

As you can see, while the Zeyna Paladin skin definitely has the same armor, the golden eyes are missing. In fact, the entire head is missing, replaced with MW19’s default Mil-Sim Coalition operator’s face and upper torso.

It’s not a game-breaking bug by any means, but it is most certainly an interesting one. In essence, the glitch gave Zeyna the Frankenstein treatment – combining different body parts to create “strong woman.”

Unfortunately, SpiritualJoker doesn’t seem thrilled with the custom Operator. On the contrary, they have a simple plea for the developers: “I want to be able to enjoy the pack I paid for.”