Odell Beckham Jr celebrates NFL touchdown with hilarious Warzone celebration

Odell Beckham Jr. WarzoneActivision / Odell Beckham Jr.s

Warzone is a game enjoyed by everyone, including high-profile sports players. NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. proved just that with this hilarious celebration after a touchdown for the Los Angeles Rams.

Call of Duty Warzone has grown into one of the biggest names in gaming, attracting millions of players each and every month. And with Warzone Pacific tantalizingly close now, interest in the game has never been higher.

But it isn’t just the average gamers who can’t resist dropping into the CoD battle royale. Plenty of big-name athletes have been known to enjoy a game or two, including Ronaldo Nazario.

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NFL superstar Odell Beckham was the latest to prove that he is a Warzone fan after he broke out an amazing celebration after bagging a touchdown for the LA Rams.

Odell Beckham Jr.Flickr: Erik Drost
Beckham Jr. is blistering on the field, but not always quick enough to avoid enemies on Warzone apparently

Playing in the Rams’ 37-7 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the popular wide-receiver scored his team’s second touchdown of the match. What followed was a celebration that will be instantly recognizable to any Warzone player.

After jumping into his teammate, Cooper Kupp, Beckham Jr. appeared to stumble and fall to the ground. He played it cool by pretending to have been knocked down by an enemy squad, and be in need of picking up.

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Luckily, he used a self-revive and was quickly back on his feet and into the fight. Metaphorically speaking, obviously.

What made the celebration even better is that his teammates seemed to be in on the joke, with Kupp running over to help his fallen comrade back to his feet. Keep an eye out for a full LA Rams clan roaming the streets of Caldera.

After a glittering start to his NFL career, Odell Beckham Jr. has become one of the NFL’s biggest names. So, it’s great to see him giving a nod to the gaming community on one of the sport’s biggest stages.

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The only question is, which Warzone-related celebration will he go for next? Our guess is slide canceling across the end zone.