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Soccer star Ronaldo stuns Warzone teammates with cracked squad wipe

Published: 2/Dec/2021 12:34

by Jacob Hale


Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo Nazario stunned his Warzone opponents and teammates with an incredible squad wipe proving he’s more than just a genius on the pitch.

Ronaldo is undeniably one of the greatest strikers in the history of the beautiful game. He was an unbelievable goal scorer who scored over 300 goals for Brazil, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and more.

If you thought he had stopped being a dominant force in competition since his retirement, though, you would be wrong, as he proves on his Twitch channel.

Regularly dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island, Ronaldo looks like he could easily make a career from competing in Warzone if he chose to.


Ronaldo playing for Corinthians
Flickr: Sturm
Ronaldo was a prolific goalscorer in his heyday, and now he’s transferred his skills to Warzone.

Ronaldo started streaming his Warzone gameplay on Twitch towards the tail end of November 2021 and has been seeing a fair amount of success, both with viewership and the actual gameplay itself.

If there was any doubting his ability on the battlefield, from detractors who think he’s not capable of dominating anymore, those doubts can safely be dispelled.

After transporting through a red door and popping an Advanced UAV, Ronaldo and co. quickly noticed there was a team right near them, slowly pushing them — and he wiped them out, hardly taking a hit in the process.

With top-tier movement and steady aim, the Brazilian legend looked as silky smooth as he used to with a ball at his feet, putting his opponents on skates to easily get the better of them.


His teammates go wild, too, pulling off the kills with enough time to hit the revive, screaming down the mic in excitement at a Ronaldo who barely flashes a grin, so used to making such plays.

So the next question is, are we going to see Ronaldo in the next World Series of Warzone tournament?