New master weapon camo confirmed for Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward have confirmed a master camo for Modern Warfare in Season 3, and players won’t have to unlock the prestigious Damascus skins in order to obtain it.

Though the devs didn’t give an image alongside the announcement, Co-Design Director of Multiplayer at Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot, confirmed that the camo would “take a long time” for collectors to add the skin to their catalog.

Detailing the camo even further, Cecot explained that unlocking it will only require players to have gold on a weapon before they can start making progress for it.

Infinity Ward
Players won’t need to grind for Damascus to unlock the master camo.

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But just because you don’t need Damascus doesn’t mean that it’ll be easy to get. The master camo should take a decent amount of time for players to grind in Season 3.

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As it is, if someone wants the prerequisite Gold camo for a weapon, they first need to unlock every single variant for that gun. That includes the 10 different styles in every category of the weapon, making it a painstaking ordeal.

But even that won’t be long enough, seeing as you need gold just to make progress on the master camo since it’ll be the next new tier above it.

Infinity Ward
Players are going to need to grind for “a long time” to get the master camo on individual guns.

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The Call of Duty community won’t have to wait long for a chance at the new skin seeing as it’ll be dropping somewhere in Season 3.

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“It should be in the mid season update,” Cecot said, revealing more details on the skin. “It will require gold to be unlocked for the weapon before it will progress. It will take a long time.”

The devs have been teasing the new skin for a little while, and it’s a good sign for players anticipating the skin to have a general release window.

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It’ll be interesting to see what style the master camo will take form. Skins above the gold tier have either followed a similar aesthetic like the Platinum skins or something wildly different like Demascus.

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In either case, the master camo will be the next prize Modern Warfare players will spend a ton of games grinding for when it releases sometime in Season 3.