Major Warzone map change teased in Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward/Treyarch

Eagle-eyed Call of Duty players have picked up on a pretty major teaser relating to Dam, one of the major POIs in the very northwest of Warzone’s large map. 

Given the size of the Warzone battle royale, it was almost inevitable that certain POIs would be less popular than others. One of these is Dam, the humongous water barrier that stands in the very northwest of Warzone’s first and only map.

It’s fair to say that its lack of popularity also stems from its location, with central areas far more likely to end up in latter-stage zones. However, despite its secluded location, it could be about to play a huge role in shaping Warzone’s map going forward.

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Infinity Ward
Dam is located way off center of Warzone’s map.

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As you can see, in the game’s current build, the Dam is more or less completely frozen over. This includes the monumental lake behind it, which players can currently run across as if it were any other surface.

A recent menu change has cast doubt on this, though. Infinity Ward altered Modern Warfare’s main menu to a graphic of the Dam. However, it is now leaking water, suggesting that the Warzone map is heating up and the ice is melting.

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While not confirmed, Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale also featured a ‘Hydro Dam’, which actually burst and allowed the map to be completely flooded for a limited time.

There are no guarantees that Infinity Ward will go this far and actually flood Warzone’s map, but it certainly seems to indicate that the map’s frozen areas may not stay frozen for much longer.

As we’ve seen with games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, battle royale fans expect regular content drops to vary the in-game environments. It looks like Infinity Ward are following suit.

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