Infinity Ward respond to Warzone broken building bug

Activision/Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward has responded to a Call of Duty: Warzone bug that allows players to shoot through a window from one side but not the other. 

The third season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduced plenty of new content into Warzone – with the most notable coming in the form of a Squads playlist, an increase in price for the Loadout Drop, and new floor loot. 

There is still plenty more to come as well, including the previously leaked Snipers and Shottys mode – which has been renamed to ‘Scopes and Scatter Guns’. However, the developers will probably have to roll out a handful of new bug fixes as well, as players have found some spots that are pretty powerful on one side but useless on the other. 

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Modern Warfare's Ground War map Tavorsk DistrictInfinity Ward
Tavorsk District doubles up as a Ground War map and as a part of Warzone.

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The issue in question stems from a building in the Tavorsk District – on both Warzone and Ground War – that has a circular window looking out onto a bus. Players can through the window from the outside, by the bus, but returning fire from inside the building will see your bullets disappear. 

After calls for a change, Infinity Ward’s art director Joel ‘ArtPeasant’ Emslie stepped up and simply commented “noted” on the Modern Warfare subreddit – confirming that the issue had finally been seen by the developers.

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However, other players pointed out that the window can have a mind of its own at times – with the problem occasionally flipping sides, letting players shoot from inside the building but not from the outside. 

Some even went as far as claiming that explosives – grenades and C4 in particular – can’t be thrown through either side at all and will just hang in midair like they’re stuck in a constant loop. 

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Though, with Infinity Ward now aware of the issue, fans will be hoping that a fix comes sooner rather than later and that they can finally deal damage as intended.

Whether or not the fix is implemented in Warzone before Ground War, or vice versa, though, very much remains to be seen.

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