NBA star Anthony Davis slams Warzone loadout drop change: "That's wack" - Dexerto
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NBA star Anthony Davis slams Warzone loadout drop change: “That’s wack”

Published: 23/Dec/2021 17:21 Updated: 24/Dec/2021 10:03

by Jaret Kappelman


Loadouts can be a huge part of success in Warzone but with the new loadout drop change in the Pacific update, even people like NBA star Anthony Davis are upset and want it changed.

In the December 8 Warzone update, loadout drops received a massive update that only made them purchasable after the first circle closes.

This means it takes much longer to get fully kitted on Caldera and players need to rely more on ground loot.

Many people including Dr Disrespect, JGOD, and others have voiced their opinion on this change and how it’s bad for the game, but now NBA Champion, Anthony Davis is joining the fight as well.


Call of Duty Warzone Loadout Drop 2 Final
NBA player Anthony Davis is not a fan of loadout drops being disabled early on in Warzone.

NBA Lakers player Anthony Davis wants Warzone loadout drops reverted

When Davis isn’t tearing up the NBA court, he finds himself dropping into the battlefield of Warzone.

With the Pacific update, things have changed since the last time Davis loaded the game, but that didn’t stop the superstar from noticing a new mechanic that he’s not a fan of.

While he may not be able to stay on top of all the latest updates Raven Software releases, the NBA player messaged Swagg to ask why he couldn’t get a loadout on the new map.

Swagg told him that it’s still purchasable but not until the first circle closes, to which Davis replied: “That’s wack.”


This change makes it so Warzone players need to survive a full circle worth of gas before getting their hands on a loadout.

Players defending Custom Loadout in Warzone.
Anthony Davis is one of many that are frustrated with Warzone’s new loadout drop system.

He isn’t the first to voice his disapproval of the loadout drop change as many Warzone fans have been vocal about their frustration with this update.

Players feel that it is ruining the pace of the game and is causing others to camp until they are able to purchase one.

While it is unknown if Raven will ever revert this, it is clear that even the most casual of gamers are not happy with this loadout drop system.