Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 patch notes: Shoot House, Combat Record, weapon changes

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 is live, and the massive update delivers a new map, stat tracking, and weapon balancing.

Modern Warfare 2 has been shattering records since its release, and the game shows no signs of slowing down on its early momentum. Warzone 2 launched on November 16 alongside Season 1, building up even more anticipation.

However, everything didn’t go exactly according to plan, as Warzone 2 players were confused over the release of Warzone 1 rewards, and Treyarch delayed MW2’s CDL Moshpit playlist.

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On a more positive note, MW2’s first season addresses several community concerns. Let’s take a look at everything in the Season 1 update.

modern warfare 2 recordActivision Blizzard
Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 launched on November 16 alongside Warzone 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 update: What’s changing?

Shoot House was a fan-favorite map in Modern Warfare 2019, and players particularly enjoyed grinding weapon camos on it. The iconic environment returns to MW2 with a fresh new look. If you are behind in the race to Orion Camo or want to level up a weapon for Warzone 2, this is the perfect map for you.

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Modern Warfare 2 players labeled the game’s UI as the “worst in CoD history, ” and the developers took a huge first step in rectifying those complaints by adding a Combat Record. Players can now track their performance, including K/D ratio, win/loss ratio, and matches played.

An under-the-radar addition is the ability for Drill Charges to now kill Riot Shield users, even if they have Bomb Squad equipped.

modern warfare 2 attachmentsActivision Blizzard
Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 update made wide sweeping changes to weapon balancing.

It’s still very early to determine a meta for MW2, but some weapons required rebalancing. The Season 1 update increased long-distance flinch on all Assault Rifles and SMGs.

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As for specific weapons, the Kastov-74u, STB 556, and SP-R 208 received nerfs, while The M16, FSS Hurricane, PDSW 528, and Kastov 545 received much-needed buffs.

Full Modern Warfare Season 1 patch notes

Here are the full Season 1 patch notes.


  • Shoot House (6v6) is now live with Season 01. Set in Las Almas, this map will engage new and veteran players alike. Get all the intel on this location here.
  • Battle Maps
    • Fixed floating grass in Sarrif Bay
    • Fixed stretched texture in Santa Seña
    • Miscellaneous bug and exploit fixes across all Battle Maps
  • Core Maps
    • Fixed bullet penetration issues across some maps
    • Player and equipment collision fixes
    • Al Bagra Fortress barracks lighting fixed
    • Fixed some deployable cover locations
    • General exploit fixes


  • Multiplayer
    • Tier 1 is live with Season 01


  • The Drill Charge sticking to the Riot Shield will always kill the player using the Riot Shield (even if they have the Bomb Squad perk).


  • Cluster Mines now stick to all vehicles.
  • Ally deaths no longer give the player assist points while their Counter UAV is active.


  • Combat Record has been added for Core Multiplayer
  • Calling card menu has been revamped to show challenges
  • Customize tab added (with the addition of custom loading screens)
  • Other new content types:
    • Operator finishing moves
    • Gunscreens
    • War Tracks
  • Updates to Weapons tab including:
    • Weapon brands visible
    • Streamlined Blueprint navigation

CDL Moshpit

  • Due to recently discovered issues, CDL Moshpit will not go live on the morning of 11/16, as expected. Stay tuned to @Treyarch on Twitter for updates on launch timing while fixes are implemented.
  • When enabled, play competitive, 4v4 matches using the same modes, maps, and settings used in the Call of Duty League 2023 ruleset.
    • Select Weapons, Attachments, Equipment, Perks, Field Upgrades, and Streaks are restricted based on official CDL Competitive rules. 
    • Game Modes and Maps:
      • CDL Search and Destroy
        • Al Bagra Fortress
        • Breenburgh Hotel
        • El Asilo
        • Embassy
        • Mercado Las Almas
      • CDL Hardpoint
        • Al Bagra Fortress
        • Breenburgh Hotel
        • Embassy
        • Mercado Las Almas
        • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
      • CDL Control
        • Al Bagra Fortress
        • Breenburgh Hotel
        • El Asilo

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