Modern Warfare 2 CDL moshpit “delayed” ahead of Season 1 launch

Modern Warfare 2 Beta charactersActivision

Competitive MW2 fans thought they were receiving the CDL moshpit playlist much earlier than last year, but unfortunately, they need to wait a little longer.

Treyarch confirmed Modern Warfare 2 ranked play is coming in 2023, but players who are eager to get some sort of competitive play aren’t going to be left in the cold.

Although the 2023 CDL season begins in December, which when ranked play is hopefully coming, Treyarch is including a competitive playlist, separate from ranked, that will simulate the types of matches pro players will play in the Call of Duty League.

CDL Moshpit is essentially a ranked playlist that will feature the same map rotation and game modes as the CDL and in the same 4v4 format. All weapons and equipment banned for the pro players also apply to this playlist.

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Modern Warfare 2 CDL Moshpit delayed

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer screenshot.Activision
Treyarch announced a “slight delay” for CDL Moshpit.

Unfortunately for those competitive players, it appears that the CDL Moshpit playlist will not be active as soon as they initially hoped.

On November 16, Treyarch announced CDL Moshpit “will require a slight delay” because of “recently discovered issues with the mode.”

The developers claimed that the issue is the team’s “top priority,” and Treyarch will provide any news and updates on Modern Warfare 2’s Trello page.

A slight silver lining for competitive CoD fans is they can now purchase the CDL Launch Pack in MW2 and Warzone 2 for $9.99. The Launch pack includes CDL-themed Operator skins, a weapon camo, a charm, and other cosmetic items.

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We will provide an update when Treyarch announces a new release date for the playlist.