Warzone 2 players confused over release of Warzone 1 rewards

warzone 2 rewardsActivision Blizzard

As Call of Duty players log into Warzone 2, fans of the original have found themselves confused about the release of Warzone 1 rewards.

Activision has officially deployed Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, mere weeks after rolling out the wildly successful Modern Warfare II.

The free-to-play battle royale significantly ups the ante, introducing players to previously unseen game features and vehicles. An all-new map, Al Mazrah, rounds out the experience, too, alongside the arrival of the long-teased DMZ mode.

Of course, the new release will endure its fair share of growing pains for the next few weeks or so. However, some players are already confused about a rewards system that acknowledges legacy users.

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Warzone 2 release sparks confusion over Warzone 1 rewards

Players who’ve logged in to the Warzone sequel received rewards for playing the original. According to reports, rewards include XP tokens, Weapon Charms, and the “Hound’s Tooth” Knife Blueprint.

Others were given the “Dam Blade” Knife Blueprint for being a Warzone 1 regular. Unlocking two Knife Blueprints also seems to be a possibility.

The theory is that Warzone 1 users will gain access to bonuses based on how much they played the game. Some can expect an accompanying “Message of the Day” that reads, “Best of the Best,” while another message says, “A Class of Your Own.”

Not everyone is convinced the system works this way, though. One Twitter user claimed a friend of theirs seldom hopped into Warzone 1 and earned two Blueprints, while they played hundreds of matches and only unlocked one.

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The above example, if true, could constitute a rare occurrence, an error caused by day-one hiccups and the like.

This reported issue aside, it seems those who spent the most time in the first game stand to gain better Warzone 2 rewards upon entering the fray.

Warzone 2 is playable now across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.